Functions in Delivery Challans

Let us take a look at some of the actions that can be performed to a delivery challan in Zoho Books.

Mark as Delivered

If your goods were delivered successfully to the destination, you can mark the delivery challan as delivered. Here’s how:

Mark as Delivered

Convert to Invoice

If your delivery challan was created for delivering goods for a sale, you can create an invoice for it. Here’s how:

Convet to Invoice

Pro Tip: If only some of the items in your delivery challan were sold, you can invoice those items alone. The delivery challan would then be only partially invoiced.

Mark as Returned

If your goods were not delivered to the destination and had to be returned, you can mark the delivery challan as returned. Here’s how:

Mark as Returned

Record Partial Return

Insight: You can record a partial return only for delivery challans that have been partially invoiced.

After delivering the items, if your customer accepts and purchases only some of them, then you can record a return for the remaining items. Let’s consider a scenario to understand this better.

Scenario: Manish has sent three boxes of raw materials to a manufacturing firm, and issued a delivery challan for its transportation. After delivering, it turns out that his customer only requires two boxes at the moment. Now, he can issue an invoice only for the boxes that his customer accepts and record a partial return of the other items.

To record a partial return of the items in your delivery challan:

Record Partial Return Configure Partial Return

Insight: You can record only one return on a delivery challan. To record another return, you must undo the first return and then re-record it.

Undo Partial Return

If you want to undo the the returns recorded:

Undo Partial Returns

Customise Template

You can customise the format of your delivery challan’s PDF. Here’s how:

Customise Template

Learn more about Templates.

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