Web Tabs

Web Tabs are similar to browser tabs, but accessible within Zoho Billing. It enables you to access web pages or applications that provide you with an embed URL, to be embedded within other applications. Depending on the website, you can find the embed or publish URL and create web tabs within Zoho Billing. Also, you can configure to allow specific users and roles to view the web tabs.

Web tabs can be used in many ways depending on your business needs. Let’s say you have multiple organizations in Zoho Billing and have set up custom reports in Zoho Analytics to analyze data across all these organizations. You can copy the publish URL of the custom report and create a web tab to access the dashboard or custom report within Zoho Billing.

Scenario: Let’s say that you’ve created a Zoho Creator application to manage manufacturing process, POS or some specific aspect of your business. You can copy the embed URL and create a web tab for it. Now, you’ll be able to access this Zoho Creator application within Zoho Billing, instead of opening it in a separate browser tab.


Points to note before you start using web tabs:

  • If the web pages use ‘http,’ they won’t open in web tabs.
  • Some of the web pages or applications cannot be opened using web tabs as they are prevented from opening in other applications. This is to prevent clickjacking attacks.
  • The web tabs you create will neither be linked to any other module of Zoho Billing nor affect their data.

Create Web Tabs

To create a new web tab: Go to Settings > Customization > Web Tabs. Click + New Tab in the top right corner of the page. Enter a name for the web tab.

Pro Tip: Try using the embed URL or publish URL of a website or application if the normal URL does not load in web tabs.

Insight: The web tabs that you create will be available to your users based on the visibility settings that you chose when creating the web tab.

Now, you’ll find Web Tabs in the sidebar of Zoho Billing and the new web tab listed under it. Click the web tab and it’ll open within Zoho Billing. Based on your preferences, users will be able to view or not view the web tab when they use Zoho Billing.

Edit Web Tabs

You can edit a web tab if you want to change its name or load a different URL. Here’s how:

Delete Web Tabs

To remove web tabs from Zoho Billing:

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