Basic Functions in Timesheet

Let us have a look at some of the basic functions in the timesheet module.

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Enable Timesheet

Before you can start creating projects, you will need to enable the Timesheet module. Here’s how you can do it:

Enable Timesheet

New Time Entry

You can log time for each task in two ways:


You can log time manually in two ways:

Log Time for Individual Task

You can log time spent on performing an individual task associated with a project manually. To do this:

Log Timesheet
Weekly Time Log

This feature is highly useful if you run multiple projects and have manually recorded time for various tasks done over a week. To log time:

Weekly Timesheet

You can also remove a line which does not have any time entry by clicking the Remove icon next to the row. 

Delete Time Entry

You can view the weekly log in the calendar view by clicking the calendar icon.

Start Timer

You can log time instantly using a timer and associate a project with it. Here’s how:

Start Timesheet Start Timer Disable Timer

Once you stop the timer, you can enter the project details if you had not chosen earlier in the following popup.

Import Timesheet

If you already have a timesheet, you can import them into Zoho Billing in the CSV, TSV or XLS format.

Import Timesheet
Insight: The file size cannot be more than 1 MB.
  • Character Encoding is used to pair numbers with characters. By default, the Unicode Transformation Format (UTF-8) encoding is used which supports a wide range of characters that go beyond 8 bits.
  • The Field Delimiter is used to separate two values in a row. While importing vendor credits, the default file delimiter is comma (,).
Select File for Importing Timesheet
Insight:  Zoho Billing will auto-match the file headers of the imported file to the closest matching field in Zoho Billing. You can manually edit each field to match the headers, and save these preferences. On proceeding, Zoho Billing shows you any unmapped fields you may have left out or could not match. You can map these by adding new fields with matching headers.

Transactions in Timesheet

You can create new transactions with the time entries from the projects module. Here’s how:

You will be redirected to the project details page from where you can create the transactions for the project. You can create transactions such as Quotes, Invoices, Retainer Invoices, Expense, etc., from this section.

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