Items in Zoho Billing are the goods and services you sell to your customers. You can add these goods and services as items to the Items module. Adding all the goods and services to the Items module allows you to quickly add the items to transactions. Let’s look at David’s business that sells furnitures to understand items.

Scenario: David has a furniture store. He sells goods like chairs, tables, sofas, beds etc to his customers. Also, he provides furniture repair services to his customers. Firstly, he creates each product and service he sells as an item in the Items module. After adding the items, he can easily use them to invoice his customers.

Adding Items

Adding all the products and services you sell as items in Zoho Billing helps you to quickly add them to any transaction. Also, all the details pertaining to the item is auto populated in the transaction. Adding items is a one-time process and once you add all your items, you can effortlessly add items to an invoice and send them to your customers. There are two ways to add items in Zoho Billing: creating new items and by importing items.

Create New Items

To create a new item:

Insight: Unit is defined as a quantity which is chosen as a standard based on which other quantities can be expressed. Some examples of units are metre, kilogram, piece, device etc. These units are displayed along with quantity in a transaction.

Insight: SKU is an identification code assigned to a product or a service to track the item. This code varies from business to business. Generally, you can enter the item’s bar code in this field and use a bar code scanner to scan the items.

Pro Tip: If you don’t find the SKU field in your item creation page, you can enable it in the Item Preferences and the field will be available every time you create an item.

Pro Tip: If you don’t find the Upload Image field in your item creation page, you can enable this field in the Item Preferences to display it.

Insight: When you sell products or provide services, some of them would be taxable while some of them are tax exempt. Choose if its taxable or non-taxable based on the item you are creating.

Pro Tip: Before you can select a tax while create an item, make sure that you’ve created a tax in the Taxes section under Settings. Learn more about adding a new tax.

New Item

Now, you would have added a new item to the Items module and you can use this item when you create a new transaction.

Import Items

You can import items from other invoicing platforms to Zoho Billing. This allows you to quickly add the items without having to manually add them individually.

To import items:

Import Items

Insight: File Delimiter refers to the character that is used to separate the values in the import file. 

Import - Choose File Import - Field Matching Preview Import

Now, the items in the import file will be imported into the Items module of Zoho Billing.

Editing Items

Scenario: David learns of new ways to modernise his furnitures and upgrades the furnitures he sells with new features. Due to this, he wants to re-evaluate and change the prices of the products he sells. In Zoho Billing, he selects the item and edits its rate accordinly. Now, when an item is included in a transaction, its new rate will be displayed.

In similar scenarios, you would want to edit the items to change and update information. To edit an item:

Insight: The changes that you make to the items will not reflect the changes in the existing transactions but only when you create a new transaction and include the items in it.

Edit Item
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