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Autoscan Receipts

Expenses, such as fuel charge, utilities, postage, supplies, computer equipment, or rental, are a part and parcel of any business.Ā More often,Ā you will be receiving receipts for the amount spent on these expenses. The information in these receipts can be captured in Zoho Billing by enabling the auto-scanning of receipts.

The autoscan feature in Zoho Billing lets you storeĀ all the receipts or bills incurred in your business. Once you enable this feature, all the uploaded receipts will be scanned and new expenses can be created instantly.Ā You can also restrict who gets access to upload files into theĀ Receipts Inbox (a folder where all your receipts are primarily stored before they are scanned).

EnableĀ Autoscan

To start auto-scanning receiptsĀ in your Zoho Billing organisation:

Once you enable theĀ autoscan option, you will be redirected to theĀ *ReceiptsĀ Inbox*Ā page where you can upload receipts.

Insight: Autoscan is a process in which every document that has been emailed or uploaded, goes through automatic data capturing process. This functionality is currently optimized only for documents that are in English language.

Upload Receipts

You can upload the receipts into Zoho Billing in three ways:

Email Files to the Inbox

Instead of manually selecting and uploading receipts, you can choose to simply email them to a unique emailĀ addressĀ that Zoho BillingĀ generates. All the files sent to this email address will be uploadedĀ to the Receipts InboxĀ andĀ will beĀ scannedĀ automatically.

To enable the email address:

Once you have uploaded theĀ receipts, you can check the status of them in theĀ Receipts Inbox. They canĀ have one of the following four statuses:

Status Indicates
Scan in progress The receipt is being processed currently.
Processed The receipt has been auto-scanned and is ready to be converted into an expense.
Unreadable The auto-scanning has failed because of some issue with the uploaded receipt. This may result due to illegible data, images which cannot be interpreted, or when the language is not supported.
This file cannot be auto-scanned The format of the uploaded receipt is not supported. Convert it into a format that is supported and try uploadingĀ again.

Insight: You will be notified whenever the status ofĀ a receipt changes. On clicking the notification, you will be redirected to theĀ ReceiptsĀ Inbox.

Convert Receipt to an Expense

All the uploaded receipts can be converted into an expenseĀ easily. To do so:

Insight: Once a receipt has been converted into an expense, it will no longer be available in theĀ ReceiptsĀ Inbox. You can find it as an attachmentĀ along with the expense createdĀ from it.Ā 

Document Level Permissions

You can grant access to a trusted individual, for example, an accountant,Ā aĀ bookkeeper, orĀ aĀ business partner ā€” by inviting them as a User to your organisation, who can access the DocumentsĀ module.

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