Other Actions for Branches

Apart from just creating and deleting transactions, here are some actions that might be useful to manage them:

The Advanced Search option in all transaction list pages lets you narrow down your search instead of going through the entire list of invoices. You can now use the branch as a filter option to get your details. Here’s how:


Bulk Update Branches in Transactions

If you’ve recorded the branch for transactions incorrectly, you can select multiple transactions and update the branch at once. To do this:

Bulk Update
Note: The branch cannot be updated in case you have recorded payments or applied credits to the transaction.

Mark Branch as Primary

By default, the organisation’s initial details will be captured under the Head Office and will be marked as primary. You can however, create a branch and mark that as primary as well. To do so:

Mark as Primary

Edit Branch

If you would like to change any details of your branch, you can. To do so:


Delete/Mark Branch as Inactive

If you’ve closed your branch temporarily, you can mark the branch as inactive so you do not make any transactions through them. However, if you have permanently closed down a branch, you can go ahead and delete it. Here’s how you can do these:

Note: This feature is available only for organisations that are on any of the paid plans in the Global, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and India editions.

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