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Experience the power of two worlds.

Zoho Apps integrated with Google Apps lets you work effortlessly and collaborate seamlessly.


Zoho CRM + Google Apps

Zoho CRM for Google Apps makes it easier for your business to collaborate, communicate and share information, all in a single, centralized place. With Zoho CRM you can manage your leads, prospects, contacts and accounts, and through our powerful reporting, understand how your business is doing.

  • Google's One Bar

    You can have Zoho CRM available on your Google Apps dashboard page - no additional login required.

  • Sync Google Mail With Zoho CRM

    Manage all your Email interactions with customers in a single place. Better perspective on your customers' views and needs as you can track the Email interactions handled in Google Mail inside Zoho CRM and vice versa.

  • Import Users/Contacts From Google Apps

    You can input your users and contacts details from google into Zoho CRM instantly and keep a complete record of all your business communication inside Zoho CRM.

  • Attach Files From Google Docs

    Avoid the hassle of downloading files and having to upload them again at multiple locations. Have instant access to your files from Zoho CRM. Create, edit, share and manage Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations with your contacts from within Zoho CRM.

  • Embed Gadgets Into Google Sites

    You can view leads, contacts, accounts, and tasks within Gmail and Google Sites by embedding the corresponding gadget from Zoho CRM gadgets. In addition, you can create leads, accounts, contacts, or tasks quickly from the gadgets.

  • Export The Events To Google Calender

    Export the selected events from CRM Calendar to Google Calendar, and view & share them with other users in Google Calendar. It also helps you schedule your business events and keep them organized to avoid missing any event.

  • Access Zoho CRM Contextual Gadgets Inside Gmail

    Access Zoho CRM from within GMail Inbox messages. Create a lead or a contact and also view their details like name, phone number, company name, etc., by bringing your CRM system right inside your Gmail.

  • Export Tasks From Zoho CRM To Google Tasks

    Export the selected tasks from CRM to Google Tasks, and view, share them with other users in Google Tasks. Schedule your business tasks and keep them organized to avoid missing any task.

"If you are using Google Apps I can recommend Zoho CRM for its excellent integration with Gmail. "


Zoho Project + Google Apps

With Zoho Projects for Google Apps, planning and tracking the progress of projects is made easier. Keep your project scheduled and complete the work on time. Along with that you can bring your team together and establish an effective communication. And, efficiently solve the issues with the powerful Bug tracking module.

  • Attach Files From Google Docs

    Attach Files from Google Docs to Zoho Projects. Avoid the hassle of Downloading. Have instant access to your Google Docs files from Zoho Projects.

  • Embed Gadgets Into Google Sites And Mail

    Get your project a stream of latest activities, tasks inside Gmail by embedding the Zoho Projects gadgets

  • Track project Milestones In Google Calendar

    Zoho Projects automatically adds tasks into your Google Calendar, and updates periodically.

  • Add Users From Your Google Apps Account

    A friendly wizard-like interface guides you to add users right from Google Apps, without having to add them again.

  • Sync Tasks From Zoho Projects Into Google Tasks

    Once you enable Google Task sync, all your tasks on both the services will be synchronized. You will have the latest agenda on both services.

"Zoho Projects provides cloud-based collaboration that supports the company's structure and work style. "

Philip Debaere, Managing Partner, Cloudcamper.

Zoho Creator + Google Apps

With Zoho Creator, you can build a wide range of business applications for your specific business needs. This means that you can collect data with the application that you create, generate insightful reports and pivot tables instantly. Analyze your data and identify trends. You can also make your application smarter by adding business rules and workflow. Enable schedulers to automatically execute predefined tasks at specific time.

  • Universal Navigation

    Once Zoho Creator is installed in any Google Apps domain, you can access it right from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.

  • Google Apps Users Field

    Users in a Google Apps domain, can be added as one of the fields in Zoho Creator forms. This field provides a choice between the username and the email address to be displayed on the form.

  • Email Data

    Add data to Zoho Creator forms by emailing the details to your custom domain email address.

  • Upload From Google Docs

    Upload documents into your applications, directly from your Google Docs.

  • Collaboration

    You can share your application With the users in your domain.

"Zoho Creator's drag and drop interface makes it easy for non-developer types to make a quick and easy database and get it online.. "

Andrea Sirman, Interactive Designer.The Ottawa Citizen.

Zoho Invoice + Google Apps

With Zoho Invoice for Google Apps, you can create, send, and track invoices and estimates. All you do is add customers, define your products or services, and then create an invoice.Also use attractive invoice templates for goods and services, or you can create templates on your own.

  • Add Users From Google Apps

    Add Users from your Google Apps account to your Zoho Invoice account and invoice them from within your Zoho invoice account

  • Email Notifications

    Get all your invoice related email notifications on Gmail and keep track of the invoices sent, payments received and lot more.

  • Import Google Contacts

    Import and get access to your Google contacts from within Zoho Invoice.

"With Zoho Invoice I've never had a question as to how anything works, it is extremely user friendly. "

- Travis Van - ITDatabase

Zoho Campaigns + Google Apps

Create email and social campaigns from within your Google Apps account.

  • Import contacts from your Google Apps account

    Send campaigns to contacts saved in your Google Address book or in a Google Sheet. You do not have to enter them again in your Zoho Campaigns account.

  • Messages from Google Drive

    Create and send out campaigns with ease. Bring campaign content saved in documents in Google Drive as the campaign content.


Zoho Recruit + Google Apps

With Zoho Recruit for Google Apps, you can spend less time on the process and more on what you do best; hiring the right candidate. This means that you can create and publish job openings in your organization in no time. You can also automate the hiring process easily collect resumes from different sources.

  • Add Users

    Add Google Apps users to your Zoho Recruit account individually or in bulk and make them a part of your recruitment team.

  • Import Contacts

    Import contact details of clients and candidates from Google Apps to your Zoho Recruit account easily.

  • Schedule Interviews On Google Calendar

    A friendly wizard-like interface guides you to add users right from Google Apps, without having to add them again.

"Zoho Recruit has simplified the way we work with, both Clients and Candidates. "

Feroz Khan, Managing Director, WorkforceManpower

Zoho Sites + Google Apps

With Zoho sites for Google Apps, you can create a website from within your Google Apps account. Zoho Sites for Google Apps also gives you an option to invite other users and you can collaboratively edit your website in real time.

  • Universal Navigation

    Once Zoho Sites is installed, you can have Zoho Sites available on your Google Apps dashboard page - no additional login required.

  • Collaborative Editing

    Zoho Sites gives you a pleasant collaborative editing experience in real time. It lets you invite as many users as you want to edit your website. You can give permission either to make changes or publish the website. All you need to do is, select the users from Google Contacts and send them invitations

" Zoho Sites is an all-in-one product. It allows business owners to build websites which are already optimized for mobile devices."


Zoho Reports + Google Apps

Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you easily analyze your business data, and create insightful reports & dashboards in minutes with no IT help. With Zoho Reports for Google Apps, you can maintain data in a centralized data store and give controlled access to your colleagues. In addition to the above, you can also discover the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you take informed decisions, and progress towards your strategic goals.

  • Google's Universal Navigation

    Access Zoho Reports seamlessly, from within your Google Apps account.

  • Import Spreadsheets From Google Docs

    Import data easily from your Google Drive spreadsheets into Zoho Reports for powerful analysis and reporting.

  • Schedule Imports from Google Drive

    You can schedule data imports from your Google Drive account into Zoho Reports. This equips you with the latest data for your reporting needs.

  • Variety of reporting components

    Choose the perfect reporting component for your data from a wide variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards.

  • Cross Analytics

    Perform cross domain analytics using Zoho Reports, by importing and combining data from a wide variety of data sources. Improve your business health with informed business decisions.

  • Sharing and Collaboration

    Publish or embed reports in your intranet, blogs, websites and applications. Get fine-grained access control with specific options like read-only, read-write, report authoring, drill-down etc, while sharing your reports with your colleagues.

"Zoho Reports is a Compelling Business Intelligence tool"


Zoho Books + Google Apps

With Zoho Books for Google Apps manage your customers and invoices, while keeping expenses in check. Record, monitor and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions, and collaborate with your accountant in real-time. Most importantly, Zoho Books helps you make better, more informed decisions.

  • Add Users

    You can add users details from your Google Apps account to your Zoho Books account

  • Import Contacts

    Import and get access to your Gmail contacts from within Zoho Books

  • Email Notification

    Get all your email notifications related to your accounting in your Gmail


Zoho Wiki + Google Apps

With Zoho Wiki for Google Apps, create a searchable and centralized information repository for easy organizational access. You can also create private or public workspaces and promote collaboration and participation between employees, teams, project clients and partners, who might be located even half way across the world.

  • Share And Collaborate

    Once integration is set up, you can access Zoho Wiki through Google's universal navigation bar.

  • Attach Documents Directly From Google Docs

    You can attach relevant documents from Google Docs, to your Wiki page

  • Share And Collaborate

    You can share your wiki with other Google Apps Users and collaborate more effeciently.

  • Widgets

    Get your own personalized dashboard with widgets. Embed Google Gadgets, YouTube videos & lots more, and get instant access to it.

  • Google Gadgets Integration

    Embed Google Custom Search and customize the search for your website. Embed Google Analytics code in your wiki and get statistical reports for the visitors to your website.

"Maintaining the wiki-based web site is great because I can edit and extend it from wherever I am (with the aid of collaborators if I want) and it is really easy to split it into public and private sections."

Vilnis, Energy Management Expert

Zoho Discussions + Google Apps

Zoho Discussion for Google Apps helps you manage feedback and ideas more efficiently. Members of a group can post questions & report problems. You can handle all these with ease under a single portal. Create a private community for your employees, bring them together, discuss the issue and make decisions happen.

  • Single Sign On

    Once Zoho Discussions is installed in the Google Apps domain, users can start using it from the universal navigation bar in Google Apps.

  • Map Google Apps Users To Zoho Discussion Portal

    Members of a Google Apps account will be automatically added as members of an associated Zoho Discussions Portal.

  • Attach Files From Google Docs

    Users can directly attach a Google Docs document while posting a new topic or response in Zoho Discussions.

  • Embed Feedback Widget Into Google Sites

    Embed feedback widgets and get feedback from your clients and colleagues about the beta product.

  • Embed Discussion Gadgets

    Embed Discussions Gadgets into Gmail, iGoogle & other sites

"It strikes the right balance between forums, q/a, email, and social such that quality discussions actually take place."

Gabriel Weinberg. DuckDuckGo

Zoho Meeting + Google Apps

With Zoho Meeting for Google Apps, host web meetings to connect with your team members, clients and customers across the globe. Not only can you share presentations and conduct webinars, but also use it to provide great customer support, from wherever your customer might be.

  • Invite Google Apps Contacts To Your Meeting

    To your meetings, you can invite people on your Google contacts, right from within Zoho Meeting.

  • Automatically schedule Meetings On Your Google Calendar

    Create an event in the Google Calendar for your meeting

"Very affordable, easy to schedule meetings, easy for customers to access the site without having to setup complicated links."

Miguel Cartagena, CFM Enterprises

Zoho Support + Google Apps

With Zoho Support for Google Apps, you can manage customer tickets, maintain accounts and contacts, automate support process, increase agent productivity and much more. In short, Zoho Support streamlines and quantifies the entire process right from receiving the customer support ticket till its closure.

  • Google's One Bar

    You can have Zoho Support available on your Google Apps dashboard page - no additional login required.

  • Adding Users

    You can add existing Google Apps users to Zoho Support, automatically setting them up as support agents without having to create new accounts.

  • Importing Contacts

    You can import your Google Apps contacts into Zoho Support.

" A very intuitive help desk application that has allowed our Technical Support Representatives to answer and react to our customers in a timely manner. "

Adam Shapiro, ThinkFlood

Zoho People + Google Apps

With Zoho People for Google Apps, you can manage your HR portal from within your Google Apps account. Zoho People for Google Apps also gives you an option to add users directly to the Zoho People account and start managing their information.

  • Universal Navigation

    You can have Zoho People available on your Google Apps dashboard page - no additional login required.

  • Ease of Adding Employees

    Zoho People gives you an easy way of adding the users. All you need to do is, select the users from Google Contacts and add them directly, so that you can start managing

" Our Employee Portal - Zoho People, an invaluable resource for our organization. The system helps us to record the complete details of our employees and track the same whenever required. "

Richa Saraf - HR Executive, Time Legend Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho Expense + Google Apps

Zoho Expense for Google Apps helps you automate recording of expenses from receipts and makes expense reporting effortless. Connect credit cards and import your transactions and convert them into expenses in a click. With expense analytics, you will have better insights into your business expenditures.

  • Invite Users

    You can add users details from your Google Apps account to your Zoho Expense account and assign appropriate roles.

  • Upload receipts from Google Drive

    You can upload receipts to Zoho Expense from Google Drive.


Zoho Subscriptions + Google Apps

Zoho Subscriptions is your one-stop recurring billing solution. Zoho Subscriptions streamlines subscription billing and subscription management for your customers. With Zoho Subscriptions effortlessly change pricing plans, charge customers and make smarter business decisions using our subscription metrics.

  • Google's One Bar

    Access Zoho Subscriptions on your Google Apps Dashboard with a single login.

  • Add Users

    Add user details from Google Apps account to your Zoho Subscriptions account.

  • Import Contacts

    Get all your Gmail contacts with smart import functionality from within Zoho Subscriptions and create subscriptions instantly.


Zoho Forms + Google Apps

Experience the power of Zoho Forms within your Google Apps account. Store your form entries, assign tasks and manage your entire workflow without leaving the comfort of Google Apps.

  • Add Google Apps users

    A simple interfaces enables you to smoothly add users right form Google Apps.

  • Get instant notifications

    Get all your form entries and workflow notifications on GMail. Stay up to date on your Zoho activities on Google.

  • Connect to Google Spreadsheets

    Collect all your form entries on a Google Spreadsheet, and share it with all your Google contacts.

  • Share customized reports

    Share your custom reports with your Google users and take collaboration a notch further.

  • Navigate universally

    Access Zoho Forms right from your Google Apps dashboard - you don't even have to log in!

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