Zoho Survey on Google Workspace.
For smart tailor-made online surveys.

Create your survey in minutes. Design it with your unique flair. Reach out to respondents on any device, even offline. View results visually, in real time. Anything you need for surveys you'll find on Zoho Survey.

Surveys on the Drive

Every survey you create with Zoho Survey will be listed on your Drive. A click will take you to the survey builder.

Users Collaborate

Import your Users to Zoho Survey and collaborate on surveys across your organization.

Update Sheets in Real-time

Sync your survey with a Google spreadsheet to update responses in real-time. Analyse responses on Google Sheets as they come in.

Your Survey Reports in Drive

Forget the hassle of downloading and uploading your files across applications. Push your survey's files and reports to Drive with a few clicks.

Why choose Zoho Survey with Google Workspace?

The Zoho-Google Environment

Besides Google Workspace, Zoho Survey is integrated with Zoho CRM, Campaigns and SalesIQ, and Google Sheets. Each integration expands the possibilities of any survey.

Reach Anyone, Anywhere

Your audience is in many places; you should be, too. Be confident that your survey will reach your respondents by email, your website, or even going "old school" by collecting responses offline.

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