A dynamic recruitment software, Zoho Recruit turns hiring into a simple and efficient task. From sourcing candidates to hiring them, make the entire recruitment process uncomplicated.

All Users Together

Get your entire HR force together and hire the right talent when you need it. Import your Google users and assign them roles, and you'll be all set to collaborate.

Your Contacts With You

Bring your Google Contacts to Zoho Recruit. Two-way contact sync keeps your clients updated about all stages of the talent acquisition process, from sourcing to hiring.​

Schedule and Sync

Never miss an opportunity. With Google Calendar two-way sync, keep your interview schedules up-to-date. This keeps your clients informed about their hiring schedule.

Documents Matter

Spend less time looking for files to attach. Whether you need resumés or interview schedules, you can attach them to Zoho Recruit from Google Drive.

Easy Task Scheduling

Every step counts when you want to hire the best talent. From interview scheduling to making calls to clients and candidates, add every task to Google Tasks so nothing gets overlooked.

Contextual Gmail

View emails from clients and candidates in Zoho Recruit, and reply to them without having to search your inbox or log in to Gmail. Use your emails more contextually with Zoho Recruit.

Smart Web forms

Publish web forms to your Google Sites to grab candidates' attention. Take your recruitment management a notch higher with an effective web presence.

Single sign-on

Save yourself the trouble of remembering separate passwords with single sign-on. Access Zoho Recruit using your Google Workspace ID.

  • Jimmy BraimahCEO, eRecruiter, Nigeria

    "Zoho helps us track candidates from application, all the way to hire. That saves us typically two hours in a day for editing and downloading CV's and then sending them to our clients!"

  • Brett IsisFounder & President, Teaching Nomad

    "Zoho Recruit provided all the value and the custom functionality we needed to built our recruitment around the way we do business."

  • Philipe DalleManaging Director, Esprit RH

    "Zoho Recruit has had a huge impact with the way we work, because most information is available straightaway to the whole team."

Why choose Zoho Recruit and Google Workspace?

Recruitment within your palm.

Make your hiring process easy and accessible to all your users by installing our mobile app. Get recruitment-ready with your Android, iPhone, or Windows phone.

Save time with Resume Extractor.

Waste no time when you come across a promising candidate. Select text and parse resumés instantly with Zoho Recruit's Chrome extension.

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