Zoho Analytics for Google Workspace. Data


Zoho Analytics is a perfect one-stop solution for unified business analytics. With the GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION, you can visually analyze your data collected in your G Suite from various sources. Leverage more than 50+ data visualization components available in Zoho Analytics like charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular views to visually analyze your data.

  • Prepare your data
  • Perform cross-domain analytics
  • Share & collaborate with peers
  • Synchronize data up-to-date

Prepare your data

Improve the quality of raw data available in your Google Workspace by cleansing duplicates or invalid entries. Reshape your data using 250+ transform functions and enrich your data further with AI-powered techniques.

Perform cross-domain analytics

Combine data from different domains like Sales, finance, marketing, HR etc. Do comprehensive, end-to end analysis to gain actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Share & collaborate with peers

Share insightful data visualizations with your colleagues and clients. Collaborate with them via contextual comment threads & real-time messaging.

Synchronize data up-to-date

Schedule data imports periodically from G Suite, Google Cloud and other Google applications (Google Analytics, Google Ads) into Zoho Analytics. Get your hand on the latest data in real-time for up-to-date, actionable insights.

Why choose Zoho Analytics with
Google Workspace?

Wide range of integrations

Zoho Analytics supports nearly 250+ integrations with popular business applications, cloud/local databases etc. Combine data from elsewhere with your G Suite data to gain a complete, 360-degree picture of your business in real-time.

Analytics on the go

Use our Zoho Analytics mobile apps to access insights in real-time. Work together with your peers/clients no matter where they are.

Smart single sign-on.

Sign in to Zoho Analytics using your Google Account Credentials. You can also access Zoho Analytics easily from G Suite universal navigation.