Zoho Social for Google Workspace

  • Post across multiple channels in one go
  • Collaborate faster and work smarter
  • Monitor reviews and ratings closely
  • Powerful social media metrics for your business

Post across multiple channels in one go

Set up a posting schedule, write entries that reflect the latest developments in your company, and constantly update your listing. You can schedule new updates in advance with the help of our robust scheduling tool. Our publication calendar allows you to see a preview of upcoming posts and schedule them across time, too.

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Collaborate faster and work smarter

Invite your co-workers from Google Workspace to Zoho Social. Analyze post statistics, talk about new reviews you’ve received, and establish a presence your followers will gush over. Discuss reports, tag your team members for feedback, and make better brand decisions together.

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Monitor reviews and ratings closely

Real-time interaction with prospects and engagement with your audience helps you stand out from your competitors. Monitor likes, moderate and participate in audience comments, and keep track of incoming questions. Keep an eye out for reviews and respond to inquiries about your listing promptly.

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Powerful social media metrics for your business

For your business listings, track and examine performance and growth indicators, such as the number of followers, reviews, and ratings. Utilize the Reports tab to create personalized reports with essential KPIs, then share, discuss, and collaborate on them with your team.

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Why choose Zoho Social with Google Workspace?

Google Chrome extension

zShare helps you curate and post content while you browse the internet. A single click lets you share articles, websites, and blogs as you discover them.

Android app for Zoho Social

Listen, respond, and engage with your audience while on the go. Save posts as drafts even when offline, and view stats for published posts, all with the Zoho Social mobile app for Android.

Smart, single sign-on

Save yourself the trouble of remembering individual passwords for each login. With a single sign-on, you can access Zoho Social with your Google Workspace information.