A social media management tool with smart collaboration features.

Work together on all things social. Discuss popular posts, share custom reports, or plan a campaign together. Make decisions faster and save time when you collaborate with your team from within Zoho Social.

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A role for every team member.

Bring your team on board with a specific role for each team member you invite. Choose from the available roles, or create new roles of your own. A content writer, a community manager, or a new intern—decide which Brands, social channels, and features each team member has access to.
Team Craft Best

Team up to craft the best posts.

Got a new content idea? Discuss it with your team right away. Edit posts, get approval on your drafts, and share copy ideas, all from a single tab.

Working with clients? We've got you covered.

From getting your clients' feedback on new drafts to showing them the numbers for your latest campaigns—just @mention their names wherever you want to involve them. Discussions within your team stay private while clients can join in whenever you tag them.

Share reports, the way you want.

Start a conversation around any report by sharing it in the Collaborate tab. Need to share stats with someone outside your team? Export reports easily or share them directly over email. And of course, all reports carry your company's branding!

A simplified collaborative experience for all.

Want to catch up on what your team members have been working on? Or maybe bounce off ideas with a few colleagues right away? We've thought of all the possibilities. Take a closer look at the social media activity that takes place within the Collaborate tab.

  • Stay in control of who sees your discussions.

    Start a conversation for the entire team to see, or share your thoughts privately with just a few team mates.

  • Profiles for everyone, and a timeline that shows their activity.

    From the ideas your team members come up with and the reports they share, to the discussions they’re a part of—tap on their names to see what they've been up to.

  • Zero in with filters.

    Focus on the things that matter to you in the moment. All conversation threads have a unique label assigned to them—Discussions, Drafts, Posts, Connections, or Reports—making it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Don't miss a beat.

With real-time notifications, you won't miss out on anything that your clients or colleagues share with you. Respond instantly from the notifications panel and stay on top of team discussions.

  • Alex KnightMarketing Communications at Valuechain Enterprises Ltd

    "Zoho Social has allowed my whole team to get involved. So someone is always monitoring it, even if I'm in a meeting. There are never missed chances to engage, and we've seen our following increase across all platforms."

  • Sarvpreet KaurSenior Marketing Analyst at Mindler

    "I love that you can track how many times a user has interacted with your brand on different channels, and then share the same information with your other team members (through the Collaborate tab). All in all, a power-packed software with all the best social media management features built in!"

  • Rob MarvinAssociate Features Editor at PCMag.com

    "Social media is a collaborative experience within an organization, and Zoho Social gets the idea that colleagues should be able to discuss specific posts, larger trends, and social strategy within the platform. That's why the Collaborate tab is my favorite part of Zoho Social."

  • Lorina DaianaSocial Media Marketing & Branding Expert

    "Our team of 7 absolutely LOVES this app! It makes it so easy to all be on the same page with our social media campaigns and progress."

  • Cynthia LessardDigital Marketing Manager at Style.me

    "If you need an easy platform to schedule your content and need team collaboration, this is it. Your social media planning will be hassle free!"

  • Franklin D RiveraCEO & Digital Marketing Strategist at V2M2 Group, Inc.

    "They made it so easy to have internal communications with your team from within the app! This makes collaboration and brainstorming a breeze."

  • Alex OrianiWriter-Journalist

    "Zoho Social keeps our social media strategy well organized and allows different members of the team to collaborate smoothly!"

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