A social media analytics tool that measures what matters to your brand

Analyze the impact of your social media strategy. Create insightful reports that help you understand your audience and track social media performance.

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A rich social media analytics dashboard that helps you take a deep-dive into what's working best for your brand on social media.

Get the big picture. With rich social media analytics.

Make smart decisions with in-depth social media metrics that give you all the context you need.

Know your social media audience better

Discover more about the people engaging with you—where they are from, the languages they speak, and the demographics they belong to.

Social media audience Social media audience group Social media audience language Social media audience gender Audience country Mobile audience Mobile audience country

Identify your best content

Discover top performing posts, follow the buzz around your brand, and find the best times to engage with your audience.

banner banner Mobile Mobile Device

Track your brand's performance

Analyze sources of traffic as well as the distribution of clicks across social profiles. Compare positive vs. negative feedback that you receive from your audience.

Performance brand Brand refferels Clicks refferels Performance Feedback Socila media performance Mobile performance

Understand your reach & impressions

See how your content is contributing to your brand's social media reach. Compare organic vs. paid impressions to learn what type of posts are helping you reach new audiences.

Understand your reach & impressions Impression organic Page shares Viral Social media reach Reach impressions
Features Features


Make sense of the engagement you receive

  • Features

    Page Likes from different demographics

  • Features

    Engagement on various content-types

  • Features

    Top connections for your brand

Features Features

X (formerly Twitter)

Understand the impact of your content

  • Features

    Posts vs. Engagement

  • Features

    Top performing posts

  • Features

    Best times to engage your audience

linkedin linkedin linkedin linkedin


Analyze performance for your company pages

  • linkedin linkedin linkedin linkedin

    Followers based on industry, job function, seniority level, & company size

  • Features

    Page views and clicks over time

  • Features

    Engagements for different post-types

Features Features


Find what's kind content works best for your brand

  • Features

    Track engagement over time

  • Features

    Ideal posting times

  • Features

    Top performing Instagram posts


Google My Business

Track audience activity on your business listings

  • ratings

    Review & rating trends for your listing

  • views

    Search trends for your business listings

  • visitors

    Visitor actions on your business listings

Schedule custom reports in minutes

Pick from a wide range of stats across social channels. Create drag-and-drop report dashboards that show all the information you need.

Customize date-ranges for each report

Define your own time-frames for key metrics —this week, a month ago, or 23 days to be precise.

Customize date-ranges for each report

Automate and schedule to save time

Set reports to go out automatically—daily, weekly, or monthly—to keep your team and clients in sync with the latest numbers.

Automate and schedule to save time

Get your branding on all reports

Reinforce your brand with reports that carry your agency's logo. Easily export and share reports while you work with your clients.

Get your branding on all reports

"With the new customizable reports, we now have greater insight into our social media marketing efforts. Our favorite feature is the ability to see the top five posts on any chosen platform!"

Anita Campbell

Founder of Small Business Trends

"Lots of new pretty charts & graphs in the Zoho Social reports section. Perfect for reporting to clients & management. Valuable information in the way you can understand it!"

Jon Tromans

Digital Marketing Trainer

"It was so hard to find another social media planning tool for our blogging team but we ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE! One of our favourite things is to be able to see detailed analytics of all our social accounts and to see all the recent comments!"

Lorina Daiana Stan

Founder of Blogger Studios

"Zoho Social is totally, hands down, one of the best sharing tools I've used. Especially the custom reports and advanced analytics which helped me a lot in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of my brands."

Peter Paul Duran

Reporter and Social Media Manager at Manila Standard

"The analytics, reporting, and ROI is some of the best I've seen. Zoho Social is a really nice social media management tool with the best analytics and a robust CRM perk!"

Kelsey Lakia

Marketing Communications Manager at Air Creative Group

"Go for it. Dont think twice. It's the best software out there to manage your social media accounts and get the latest accurate analytics from all your accounts"

Abhinav T

Co-Founder at GigCul

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