Seamless password management with Google Workspace integration

Is your team on Google Workspace? Get them on board with Zoho Vault in no time for safe and efficient password management.


Fewer passwords, more efficiency

Use your existing Google Workspace credentials to create a Zoho Vault account. With this integration, your users can access their Zoho Vault account via Google Workspace as well.

Hassle-free setup

When signed in, you can instantly onboard your team and other users from Google Workspace in a few simple steps. You can also import your groups from Workspace for a unified experience.

Effortless password management

After setting up your account, add all your passwords manually or import them from your browser, spreadsheets, CSV/TSV files, or even from other password managers. Safely collaborate with your team on critical tasks by securely sharing credentials whenever required.

With you wherever you go

Download Vault's browser extensions and mobile apps to access and autofill your passwords across your favorite websites and applications.

Safer than your memory

Zoho Vault follows the zero-knowledge architecture and encrypts all your passwords using your unique master password. All your data gets encrypted and decrypted in the browser, and your master password is never saved on our servers—meaning not even Zoho employees can access them.

Find out how Vault can help your teams and enterprise

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