A secure enterprise password manager for your business

Share passwords across (and within) teams and individuals with different levels of password access restrictions.

  • Get everyone on board

    Deploy our password management solution for all users regardless of your enterprise's size. Integrate corporate identity stores like Active Directory (AD) and LDAP to instantly onboard users in bulk.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) is the future

    Enjoy hassle-free login to your favorite cloud applications. Configure SSO for multiple cloud apps and increase your enterprise's productivity. Integrate Vault with SSO solutions like OKTA, OneLogin, and secure every access.

  • Get your teams together

    Group employees and form different teams across your enterprise. Nominate admins to moderate the user activities of their respective teams.

  • Secure password sharing

    Share passwords across (and within) teams and individuals with different levels of password access restrictions. Secure your critical shared passwords with mandatory admin approvals and additional constraints, and tightly integrate with your internal helpdesk software.

  • Centralized admin controls

    Moderate user-related activities and control what your users see by customizing their experience. Track user behavior, define password policies, and moderate access to critical passwords.

  • Nothing goes unnoticed

    Audit every user action carried out on your password vault in real time and configure notifications to get alerted of a critical activity even when away from your account.

  • Tell-all reports

    Gain exclusive access to an extensive list of reports on user access, password hygiene and sharing behavior of all users. Eliminate insider threats and always be on the green.

  • Works with popular helpdesks

    Maintain proper audit trails of critical password access with valid tickets from your helpdesks. Let Vault interact with your helpdesks to incorporate security with simplicity.

  • Never get locked out

    Set up emergency contacts to bail you out during crises. Let your backup gain temporary access to all enterprise passwords at critical situations for business needs.

  • Acquire passwords anytime

    Acquire all enterprise passwords from users leaving your company. Grant and revoke access to multiple users at any time based on project needs or suspicious user activities.

Redefining security

Protecting your data with our best-in-class security standards.

  • Industry-best encryption standards

    All data is encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption, and the encrypted data is sent over the internet through secure SSL. Zoho Vault has been comprehensively tested against cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and other vulnerabilities.

  • Multifactor authentication

    Enforce additional security for your business accounts by leveraging Zoho's multifactor authentication across devices to keep your enterprise vault extra safe.

  • Your data stored right where you want it

    Zoho has data centers across Europe, North America, and Asia, allowing you to host your data from the region of your choice—the one that best satisfies your enterprise's security constraints.

The enterprise password manager you deserve

Get yourself an enterprise password manager that both serves your business needs and secures your users' personal data.

  • Store more than just passwords

    Secure an unlimited number of critical documents, notes, bank accounts, medical records, licenses, admin keys, certificates, and more along with your passwords.

  • One vault for every purpose

    Organize your personal and enterprise data within your vault. Classify the items accordingly and access all your critical data from under a single roof.

  • It's fun to log in

    Logging in has never been more fun! Use our browser extensions to autofill and auto log in to online accounts. Generate strong passwords for all accounts you sign up to and let our extension add the new credentials to your vault. Bid adieu to typing credentials for good.

  • Keep your passwords handy

    Traveling for business? Your passwords go with you. Sync your data across devices and even access them offline.

  • Back up your crucial data

    Send periodic encrypted copies of your data to your mailbox or to popular cloud accounts like Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive and stay emergency-ready.

  • “With its simple interface, great features, and flexible pricing, Zoho Vault didn’t just match other competing products—it outshined them.”

    Marc TowlerIndustry: Web Development
  • “We reviewed and tested a wide range of products, but Zoho Vault was the only solution that could fully satisfy our corporate needs.”

    Pavel MännikIndustry: IT Solutions
  • “Vault is a great tool that saves a ton of time for our agents at work. The experience of the Chrome extension is irreplaceable. Overall, Zoho Vault continues to make our online lives simpler and secure.”

    Mike McNewIndustry: IT Services

Choose the plan that suits your needs

PROFESSIONAL/user/month billed annually Minimum 5 UsersTRY NOW
Everything in the Standard Plan +
  • Create and manage user groups
  • Share folders
  • User access and activity reports
  • Break glass account for emergency access
  • Change password for websites
ENTERPRISE/user/month billed annually Minimum 5 UsersTRY NOW
Everything in the Professional Plan +
  • Active Directory integration and user provisioning
  • Single sign-on for cloud apps
  • Password access control (request-release) workflow
  • Custom alerts for password events
  • Integration with Okta and OneLogin
  • Helpdesk integration

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