Introducing Zoho Workplace - A comprehensive suite of cloud applications for your workplace

We are glad to announce Zoho Workplace - an integrated suite of applications that simply put your entire office on the cloud. Zoho Mail is now one of nine essential productivity and collaboration applications included in Zoho Workplace.

Almost any job involves similar activities. People create stuff—like plans, proposals, drawings, presentations, and evaluations. They use tools like spreadsheets, editors, and presentation tools to compose their work. Often they get together and compose in collaboration with colleagues. They store their work and make it selectively available to others—to either collaborate, review or consume. They also communicate with people inside and outside their organization—like customers, partners and perhaps other teams.

All of this must simply work together elegantly and securely on the cloud. That's exactly what the Workplace suite does.

With Zoho Workplace, your team will be empowered with all the essential tools to create, collaborate and communicate effectively, in one place. The nine applications included in Zoho Workplace can be better perceived as serving three needs:

  • An office suite to create stuff. Zoho Writer (document editor), Zoho Sheet (spreadsheet editor), and Zoho Show (presentation editor).
  • Collaboration tools like Zoho Docs (file storage), Zoho ShowTime (presentation sharing and audience engagement tool), and Zoho Meeting (Online Web-conferencing tool).
  • Communication tools led by Zoho Mail (modern business email), with Zoho Chat (instant messaging tool), and Zoho Connect (a corporate social network) for other forms of modern corporate communications.

The good news for you is that we went very easy on the price.

Here are the new plans.

If you are on a current payment schedule that you prefer, you can choose to keep that. You will be grandfathered into your current plan and you will never be forced to upgrade to any new pricing plan. Whatever plan you choose, you'll see that we've simply put more value behind your money.

Here's what you get:

More storage:

Lots and lots of storage. When we surveyed our customers for what they would like to see improve the most in Zoho Mail, the overwhelming majority of you screamed for more storage. The Workplace suite gives you that, in abundance. The Standard plan now offers 30GB worth of storage per user, an increase from 10GB. The Pro plan goes up from 15GB to a whopping 100GB. 

Under-the-hood improvements:

We've made a few "under-the-hood" improvements to our infrastructure that makes our cloud email faster, more secure, and even more reliable. We're making improvements in our Spam algorithms so that your inbox looks a lot cleaner. We've bolstered our support team to handle higher support traffic and to reduce response times.

No necessity for 3rd party integrations:

A major advantage to Zoho Workplace is having multiple applications that simply work well together. This saves you the trouble of having to create accounts with different vendors, and then go through the hassle of integrating their applications together.

An ad-free commitment, forever:

While we've made all these improvements, our core values remain unchanged. All of our products are still 100% ad free. They always will be. We will never show you ads. Neither will we ever peek into your inbox and scan for keywords that can make us money. Our commitment to your security and privacy will always be uncompromising. 

To try Workplace, visit You will see a list of all the apps in the suite. Simply click on an app to try it out. Also try new services by Zoho Mail, for better emailing and collaboration: Zoho TeamInbox for shared inbox collaboration.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below, or write to us at We'll get back to you quickly.

Note: The Workplace pricing plans have been changed from August 15, 2018. The revised plans can be found here


63 Replies to Introducing Zoho Workplace - A comprehensive suite of cloud applications for your workplace

  1. I like it. Just not sure what to do with my new subscription. Do I change it or keep it the same? Hmmmm, guess I'll have to call.

    1. It depends on the plan you currently are on, Andrea. If you were on a Mail free plan, you will now automatically be on a Workplace free plan. Otherwise, you will have to upgrade to a Workplace paid plan. To do that, please visit

  2. I have been a Zoho user since 2006 when they were just taking baby steps. I love the new Zoho Connect and with the type of work that we do and the number of clinicians that we have around the world, it is a great tool for learning and staying in touch with your team. I post my announcement and because all the clinicians are following me, they get the announcement via email. Thumbs up.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Tara! It's always great to see how our customers use our various products for their businesses, so thanks for sharing your experience. :)

  3. You should seriously consider integrating an easy to use database manager into your office suite. I never considered databases "easy to use" until I came across That is one online application that I was ready to pay for but the per user/month payment went over my budget. I would still recommend the app to anyone who needs an online database. As I consider Zoho very highly for continuously improving your products in a customer-oriented manner, I felt I should recommend that you can incorporate this new feature that would put you one up even over google apps!

  4. Good going with simplified pricing. Excellent value for money!! . am a zoho user for 6 months now. Zoho is helping me get my company off the ground while I look like a bigger company with all these nice capabilities. I would love to start paying you soon ( as soon as i can afford) so you can continue to offer free tier to entrepreneurs like me. thanks to all you guys there!

  5. Hi, I too am interested in the linkages with the CRM, but would also like to understand more about how the apps link together in a small business - on other packages I can see a 1-5 business users bundle for example. I have emailed support but not heard anything yet.

  6. This looks interesting, as a Mail Free user what would I be gaining by upgrading? I'm aware the overall amount of storage available to me would go down, but I don't mind that too much, I'm just interested in what will change aside from that. Also, probably a silly question but how do I actually upgrade from Mail Free to Workspace Free?

    1. Hey Hamish, since you were on Mail Free, you will automatically be on Workplace Free now. There is nothing for you to do. You can visit to try out the other apps in the suite. Upgrading to a paid plan gives you a few advantages, primarily storage. The lowest paid plan gives you 30GB/user and that goes up to 1TB/user in our highest plan. You also get a few other advantages like a bigger file attachment size, advanced analytics for Docs etc. Here's a link to our pricing page which details some of the differences across the plans. Let us know if you would like any more information from us.

  7. Hello! Right now, I just have a personal email account so I can't see/sample the applications (like writer and sheets). I'm part of a small start-up nonprofit and am checking out our options, so I'd like to be able to see these programs before committing to bring our domain here; a pop-up tells me I need to have a business account prior to being able to sample the programs. I'm assuming that means I have to bring our domain here first. Am I correct, or no? It seems strange that I can't see something like this before I buy into it. Please let me know if I'm wrong on this, and if there's a way for us to see how your programs work. I'd like to know sooner rather than later, prior to making a decision to buy MS Office. Thanks!

    1. Hey Vicki, yes with a personal email account you will not be able to try Workplace. You will need a business account. Workplace is a suite of 9 apps, including Mail, Writer, Sheet, Docs etc. If you would like to try Mail, you will have to bring your domain over. There is, unfortunately, no other option. However, since you already use a personal email account with Zoho, you must be pretty familiar with Mail. Business email and personal email are more or less the same, except for some added features in the business email. So my suggestion would be to sign up for the free plan in Zoho Docs. This lets you try Writer and Sheet for free too. If you are happy, you can then sign up for Workplace, and get the whole suite. I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

  8. Now I think I can actually pay you! Before I could not afford it but with your new pricing plan and all the inclusions (but mainly the email) it is the least I can do to reward you for the great service!

  9. Great enhancement for storage of Zoho Mail and great integration with 9 tools, this will make Zoho more competitive advantage when fighting with competitors.

  10. So effectively, from what I can see you have drastically reduced free mail allowances now, as before every mailbox had 5GB, and there was an additional 5GB shared allowance for Zoho Docs, which was ok for small not-for-profit outlets like ours. Now, all the 'free' mailboxes in the organisation have 5GB shared allowance across all the mailboxes, which is a huge reduction, effectively forcing us to evaluate should we pay for Google or Zoho, as free option is not really an option any more after we hit 5GB of mail and docs combined.

    1. Hey Luby, thanks for the comment. We decided to move to a ‘combined’ storage model to simplify storage management with a suite of apps, rather than set individual storage limits. I hope you’d agree that there are not many brand name service providers that offer lucrative free services without ads and are committed to keeping it that way. We are able to maintain this commitment by directly investing in offering free services instead of splurging on ad campaigns or scanning your data to show you ads. We have done our best to be balanced with our revamped pricing given the rapidly increasing scale of our free services. Yet to function as a business, it would help if we could get paid at some point in time :) While the combined 5GB storage does reduce the average limits per service in the free plan, we have drastically increased the storage in our paid plans. However, since you are a non-profit and require an overall 10GB /user storage for free, we are open to extending it to you. Please write to us at

  11. Hi Revanth C; I'd like to know more about "workplace" and how developers can integrate that into their application that is seamless to end user. Here are my questions: 1) Can we integrate Zoho Worplace in our app to offer such solution to our users? 2) Does Zoho Workplace have API to work with .Net ASP.Net MVC? 3) For us to use these libraries, what are the costs on monthly base? 4) What are the requirements for us to partner with Zoho from a developer point of view? Thank you in advance! ..Ben

    1. Hey Ben, thanks for your comment. You can definitely integrate Zoho Workplace with your app. We offer multiple API's. Let's take this conversation further via email. Can you please write to us at, and we'll give you all the details on how to take this forward.

  12. This is welcomed news. When I got my upcoming payment notification about something called "Workplace," I had no clue what was happening. After logging in, I think it's pretty great that you have bundled so much under one plan. I have been on the fence about Zoho Writer as a viable solution to Word. Maybe I'll check it out to see if it works better for my customers.

    1. I'm glad you like the Workplace suite, Xavier. Zoho Writer has improved drastically over the last few months, and now has a lot of cool new features. The entire UI has been redesigned. I recommend giving it a try, and I'm confident that you will like it.

    1. It depends on the plan you currently on, bu you do get more storage for a lesser price with Workplace, and access to 9 different Zoho apps. There is no catch at all :)

    1. Hey Ann, to do that, you must log into your administrator account --> Click on Control Panel --> Click on Mail Storage in the column on the left. You will be able to see how much storage was used, and how much is left.

  13. I think Zoho Forms should be integrated into either the Workplace or CRM Plus bundle. The current standalone pricing model is a rip-off.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Matt. We don't have any immediate plans to add Forms to the Workplace bundle. I'll keep you informed if we do decide to do so in the future.

    1. Pardon my ignorance, but the CRM with limited functionality is already free, and aren't all these apps already free with zoho? Granted, I don't use a lot of these currently, but I believe this is the case. If this is changing please let me know. The CRM even using its limited feature option has been invaluable to me. I am just waiting for business threshold to increase to justify paying for the full CRM system.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, Riccardo and Ray. We do not have any immediate plans to add CRM into Workplace. I'll keep you guys informed if we do decide to include CRM as well. However, I'd like to add that you can still sign up for a standalone Zoho CRM account, independent from Workplace. CRM has a free account (as do all Zoho products) that you can test out. And, the best part is that CRM is already integrated with Zoho Mail.

        1. I like that Zoho Mail integrates with Zoho CRM but the recent upgrade took away some of the useful functions, like being able to add a contact or task directly from an email inquiry. Are there plans to restore this critical feature to the Mail/CRM integration?

      2. CRM is how you're hooked into everything else; once you start using CRM, you start to realize you need other Zoho apps; once you start using other Zoho apps you realize Zoho made it difficult to use the 3rd party apps that make Zoho apps work extremely well and you're stuck with Zoho, hence the reason a 9-app suite looks attractive to stuck CRM users like me :)

  14. Currently I only use this service for simple private e-mail and very little (if anything) else. It is good to know that Zoho can provide all these services at so little cost and if I feel that I need them that they are available.

    1. Thanks Daniel. These are all essential apps for work, so it makes sense to keep the price low. If you ever do decide to switch to business email, let us know. We'll be happy to help you get onboard.

  15. Hi, Does this change mean that from now on I have to pay for the mail service? If so please give me time to change documents and inform the people concerned. J.Minekus

    1. Hey Hans, I see that you were registered for the Free mail plan. So this change will not affect you at all. You will now be on the Free Workplace plan and will NOT have to pay anything.

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