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The employee app

An employee communication app for an informed workforce

Whether they're in-office employees or distributed teams, you can efficiently broadcast critical information to all with Connect. Share newsletters, company events and updates, images, videos, useful links, and more, and keep it all organized in a visually appealing platform.

The modern enterprise intranet for employee engagement

Build a culture of appreciation, learning, and sharing by creating a digital space for your teams to communicate and exchange ideas freely. Track engagement metrics like most popular groups, active members, and more.

  • Understand employee sentiment and improve engagement.

    With post insights and sentiment analysis, gain valuable metrics from reactions and comments, be aware of employees' sentiment—positive, negative, or neutral—measure, plan, and boost engagement.

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    Understand employee sentiment
  • Break language barriers, bridge global teams.

    Our built-in translator helps foster inclusivity and comfort by reaching each employee in their preferred language, promoting a sense of belonging regardless of where employees are located.

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    Break language barriers
  • Turn work into play, everyday.

    Through Arcade in boards, make tasks and working on projects fun by creating games, assigning points, and rewarding and recognizing participation. Turn productivity into enjoyable and positive experiences.

    Turn work into play
  • Organization-wide live streaming, now simplified

    Redefine how you stream events and hold large-scale meetings. Engage and unite all of your employees with our secure and scalable video broadcasting.

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    live streaming

Keep your workplace together, regardless of where everyone is located

FeedsTown HallsSurveys


  • Feeds
  • Town Halls
  • Surveys

Post announcements, run polls, share ideas, and get employees talking to each other to develop a connected, friendly, and nurturing work environment.

Cultivate transparency and build trust by conducting online town hall sessions with company leadership or topic experts. Encourage employees to join open, yet focused dialogues.

Share surveys, collect opinions, gauge the pulse of your organization, create positive feedback loops, and gain actionable insights to keep your employees motivated and engaged.


  • Dashboard
  • Gamification
  • Social advocacy

Use the fully-customizable home page to put all relevant information—from upcoming company events to pending tasks or important announcements—right at your employees fingertips.

Create a culture of appreciation and gratitude by setting up a platform where employees can celebrate each other. A simple thank you comment or a post recognizing good work can go a long way in motivating employees to give their best.

Build your brand from the inside out by creating content that your employees can share on their social media platforms. Make every employee an ambassador for your values.

DashboardGamificationSocial advocacy
GroupsBoardsKnowledge base


  • Groups
  • Boards
  • Knowledge base

Build collaborative spaces on a common purpose, providing employees with a forum to communicate freely, share feedback, and accomplish their goals.

Create plans for your ideas and assign tasks to the right people. Track work progress so you and your team focus on what's important.

Use the built-in knowledge management tool and document repository to share policies, guides, goals, and values. Build an archive of information for employees to draw on.


  • Custom Applications
  • Workflows

Work smarter: build intelligent forms that work the way your team does, or choose from a list of pre-built apps and customize them to suit your needs.

Use trigger- and action-based workflows to automate tedious tasks so your employees have more time and focus where it's needed.

Custom ApplicationsWorkflows

Digital Workplace Solutions

  • Remote Work

    Remote Work

    Face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable, but an employee app will keep your organization together when you can't be in the same space.

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    Remote Work
  • Enterprise intranet

    Enterprise intranet

    Propel internal communications, employee engagement, and cross-team collaboration to new heights with a flexible, scalable, and secure intranet.

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    Culture and Engagement
  • Business Communication

    Business Communication

    Encourage multi-directional communication and encourage employees to share ideas and feedback, while building meaningful partnerships.

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    Business Communication
  • Social Intranet

    Social Intranet

    An intranet solution that brings your digital workplace together, enabling idea-sharing and easy access to information.

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    Social Intranet

An intranet you can carry in your pocket

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