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    "Toyota Mithra, our customized version of Zoho Connect is a tremendous tool to reach out to our employees quickly, clearly, and safely, for any company and team communication. It gives employees a way to voice out their grievances, and access all forms digitally, which helps us listen and offer our best support to all employees as well as trainees."

    Deemanth NDeputy Manager, ER-HR

    "We needed more to not only communicate, but to achieve things... we found Zoho Connect... something that was going to work for us for the future."

    Natalia M. AndradeHead of Marketing, Fazenda
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    "Zoho Connect has enabled our team and clients to collaborate in a much more seamless way."

    Lara TriozziMarketLauncher

    "Zoho Connect is a great progressive business communication tool, and is a good fit for a workforce that is dependent on mobile communication."

    Rick FiebigerPhresh Spa Saloon

    "Zoho has provided us with a super smart service that is constantly evolving to serve our needs, and is very efficient and cost-effective at the same time."

    Liza BhansaliWorld Hindu Foundation

    "Zoho Connect has made a significant impact on our company it has given us a new tool to share information, get closer as an organization and give us a more familial feel. Employees can see what is going on with everyone else, users can share accomplishments and milestones inside and outside of the workplace and it makes it a lot easier for everyone to meet and discuss when we have larger all-employee events because everyone feels like they know more about their fellow employees."

    Terrence LiverpoolSenior Marketing and Digital Communications Manager at the ISE.

    "Zoho Connect has been a total game changer for our communication within The Booster Club."

    Mark SanteliaBooster Club President
    Case Study

    "With Zoho Connect, we've managed to break free from information silos and develop a culture of openness, which in turn has helped us tell great stories."

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    "Zoho Connect has allowed us to share information and learnings from across the organisation and across project areas."

    Operations ManagerLeading social service organization

    "We use Zoho Connect as intranet for the company and extranet for our clients. We like the way we can publish information like a timeline, all the internal communication is now based on Zoho Connect. It reduces the mail usage inside the company."

    Julien GrandjeanCEO, iDAYit

    "We use Zoho Connect for our inter-office communication and it is more efficient for accessing real time information."

    François NANQUETTEOwner of Généraction

    "Zoho Connect has definitely stream-lined communication. As our team is mobile, we use Zoho Connect's mobile apps a lot."

    ManagerA leading fashion company

    "We use Zoho Connect for internal discussions about administration and ongoing projects. We also use it to bring together our remote workers (such as me), and it helps us pool our efforts, and be a more cohesive team."

    Bachir NjoyaProject Manager at egg3