Discover how Fazenda uses Zoho Connect to improve communication and collaboration.

Fazenda, a growing Rodizio restaurant, with 450+ team members, spanning across various roles, departments, and locations in the UK, achieves more by deploying Zoho Connect.



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Features that helped us grow
  • Groups
  • Announcements
  • Boards & Tasks

Key Highlights:

  • A unified platform for messaging, task management, company announcements, discussion forums and more with Connect
  • Taking chaos off the menu with organised task boards and groups, some private and some public
  • Templated to-do lists for repeat tasks make new menu creations a breeze
  • Real-time status updates in Cliq to let colleagues know if a team member is busy or available, as well as their restaurant location and shift patterns
  • New levels of "organisation, communication and achievement" emerge across the business to help Fazenda scale up

"We needed more to not only communicate, but to achieve things...we found Zoho Connect...something that was going to work for us for the future."

Natalia M. Andrade

Natalia M. Andrade,

Head of Marketing, Fazenda

Combining Connect and Cliq was the secret sauce needed to improve Fazenda's communication and collaboration

When Fazenda's Head of Marketing Natalia M. Andrade discovered Zoho, it marked the end of the the popular Rodízio restaurant's dialogue-disrupting tech platforms.

Combining Connect and Cliq into a powerhouse duo of collaborative discussion and work (with a sprinkling of social added in for good measure), the upgrade allowed a cresendo of conversations to flow freely, be that chatter over a new seasonal menu, announcements about a new restaurant location opening, notifications of ingredient delivery times or a flurry of 'happy birthday' wishes for a celebrating colleague.

Connect allows each team of the business to truly divide and conquer their shared projects, creating tasks and sub-tasks, assigning priority levels, setting deadlines and auto-generating reminders. It also acts as a knowledge-base and central document repository for important documents, guides and how-to's, whilst being the go-to space for company-wide announcements, polls and forums. Cliq meanwhile, which syncs flawlessly with Connect, has become Fazenda's preferred instant messaging channel, via which individuals and teams chat freely about their work and build professional and social relationships. Furthermore, it's handy check-in and check-out facility has allowed the 450-strong team to track the availability of any colleague at any time.

Discover how Fazenda achieves more with Connect and Cliq