Breaking barriers to tell great stories: How Gutenberg uses Zoho Connect to improve their internal communication and access to information.

About Gutenberg

We're a digital marketing & PR agency headquartered in New York City with offices in the USA, UK, Singapore, and India. Our network of ideas extends across seven cities, three countries, and three continents.

In a digital world where new marketing campaigns are launched with the click of a mouse, we tell memorable stories—backed by measurable results. As an integrated digital marketing firm, Gutenberg’s storytellers have the expertise to turn data and insights into strong narratives.

The Problem

We had a closed group on Facebook. As the team grew bigger, we were not comfortable having all our work information on a public network. Also, we used emails to communicate within the organization and we found that they limited the flow ofinformation. We decided we needed a platform exclusively to discuss across all our teams and also to serve as an archive of information. That's when we started looking out for intranets and private social networks, and Zoho Connect seemed to be a good fit.


The Solution

Facebook did not give us an option to automate, but with Custom apps, we're able to create simple yet intelligent forms to collect data from our employees. What we also like about Connect is the ability to create a knowledge base for our employees using Manuals. This acts like a library that our employees can refer to when needed. Zoho Connect has definitely made it easier for everyone in our company to access information quickly.

"Zoho Connect has given us many ways to interact with each other through groups, channels, manuals, and other features."


The Results

We use Zoho Connect not only for communication but also to create project-specific groups and store the relevant information in them. We also use the events feature to schedule important meetings and training sessions.

With Zoho Connect, we've managed to break free from information silos and develop a culture of openness, which in turn has helped us tell great stories.