What does Zoho eProtect offer?

Cloud-based email security and archival

Zoho eProtect acts as an email security gateway and cloud archival service, connecting seamlessly with all email service providers such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Exchange servers, and others, adding enhanced security and compliance to your organization's data.

Superior spam protection

Built for the cloud and calibrated to block fast-emerging threats, this is your first line of defense against unsolicited emails and diverse malicious threats. Zoho eProtect empowers users with best-in-class email protection that Zoho Mail users already enjoy.

Advanced threat protection

Provide your organization's emails with the security it requires from a wide spectrum of advanced targeted attacks such as ransomware, business email compromise, credential harvesting, advanced spoofing, zero-day attacks, brand forgery, and more such threats.

Archival and eDiscovery

Empower your organization with secure, legally defensible email archiving, configurable retention policies, and powerful eDiscovery search to meet industry compliance regulations like FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, and GLBA.

Why choose eProtect?

  • World-class email security at an affordable price
  • Top-notch encryption for archived emails
  • User-friendly eDiscovery for emails
  • Cherish the Zoho security & privacy promise
  • Enjoy the customer support that Zoho offers
  • Flexible billing with no data lock-in period

Seamlessly integrate with your email provider

Irrespective of the provider you choose to host your email with, an additional layer of security and a secure archive of your emails is always a good idea. In a few simple steps, configure eProtect with any cloud email provider or on-premise email of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is email security?

    Email security is a technique that uses technology as a defensive layer to protect an organization's domains and email accounts from various cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

  • Why do I need an email security gateway?

    Deploying an email security gateway as your first line of defense can block email-related threats and protect employees from inadvertently giving up sensitive information, approving fake invoices, or downloading malware that can go on to infect your network. An email security gateway shields your data, employees, and infrastructure from continuously evolving cyber threats.

  • What are email archiving and eDiscovery?

    Archiving: Email archiving is a systematic approach to storing and protecting the data contained in email messages to enable fast retrieval. Archiving enables your organization to store all email communication securely and safely archive it for compliance and eDiscovery.

    eDiscovery: Short for electronic discovery, eDiscovery is the process of discovery in civil litigation that is carried out in electronic formats. Zoho eProtect provides powerful eDiscovery search tools to help sift through your archived email data for efficient early case assessment and allows admins to export any required data.

  • What is the difference between Zoho eProtect and Zoho Mail?

    Zoho eProtect is a cloud-based email security and archival solution that secures and archives emails for customers who use other cloud email services, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or on-premise email servers.

    Zoho Mail is a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free cloud-based email service. Zoho eProtect's email protection and archival features are already built into Zoho Mail. Therefore, eProtect will not be required for Zoho Mail users. If you are looking for a business email service for your organization, check out Zoho Mail.

  • Which email service providers do you support?

    Zoho eProtect supports all top email service providers, such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Amazon Workmail, and other on-premise email servers such as Microsoft Exchange 2016, 2013, and 2010. Further, any other email provider that you're hosting your organization's email with, can also be configured to work with eProtect.

    However, Zoho eProtect's email security and archival features are built into Zoho Mail by default. So Zoho Mail users don't have to purchase eProtect separately.

  • I have an on-premise email server. Can I use Zoho eProtect for email protection and archival?

    Yes, Zoho eProtect is offered as a cloud-based product to secure and archive your organization's emails for both cloud-based and on-premise email servers. eProtect can be integrated with your email provider to protect your company from various email threats and securely archive your users' emails, thereby securing your users, brand, and business.

Comprehensive, cloud-based email security and archival solution

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Comprehensive, cloud-based email security and archival solution