Slides, stories, and ideas to inspire.

Slides, stories, and ideas to inspire.

Zoho Show lets you create, collaborate, present, broadcast, and publish presentations, the smarter way.


Work together, create magic.

Collaboration delivers results. Invite your colleagues to edit or review your content, wherever they are.

Work miles apart, but stay in sync. Review slides together, view changes live, and get real-time feedback to improve your presentation.

Add, edit and reply to comments to facilitate discussion and share opinions. Mark completed issues as resolved to remove comment clutter.

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Spread the word.

Share, Publish, and Broadcast.

Give your presentation a stable URL and share your slide deck with the world without compromising on quality.

Publish on both internal and external channels: websites, blogs, social media, and much more.

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Broadcast to deliver presentations, lectures, and trainings to remote audiences. Connect with your audience without being physically present at the venue.

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Show for Apple

Take your presentations wherever you go with the Zoho Show app for iOS. Import slides from the cloud or your device and start presenting right away. Make Apple TV your stage and deliver presentations that create a lasting impression. 

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Slides, stories, and ideas to inspire.

Show for Android

Use your Android phone as your presentation platform and present from anywhere. Deliver presentations directly from your Android TV, no cables required. Just download the app and stream presentations in real time.

SmartphoneAndroid TV

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Compatible with PowerPoint.

Disconnect from your desktop software. Migrate to Zoho Show to collaborate online and always be on the same page as your team.

Import PowerPoint files to edit and review them with your team or present your slideshow right away.

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Formatted documents remain exactly as they were when created, with no faulty margins or misplaced numbers.

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