Get the most out of Show with these smart add-ons

Our collection of add-ons make Show even more powerful and easy to use for presentation creation. Pick and add your preferred add-ons from the Add-on Store. Captivate your audience using a wide range of add-ons that offer useful functionalities and enhance the way you create presentations.

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Twitter Feed

Add Twitter feeds to display user-generated content in your slides. Embed unbiased discussions and tweets about your product in your presentation to build business transparency and win customer trust.

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Add YouTube videos to your slide deck to emphasize your points better or help bring another perspective to your slides. Use videos to improve audience engagement, facilitate micro-learning with for viewers, and simplify complex information into easy-to-understand visual content.

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Access a world of custom illustrations of people and add a “Humaaan” touch to your slides. Pick different backgrounds, postures, and personal features to create illustrations to add to your slides. Customize these illustrations to match your brand identity and leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

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Zoho Sprints

With the Zoho Sprints add-on, you can insert Sprint cards directly to your deck and showcase project progress and other indicators in real time. Present your slides with actionable data to impress your clients and keep them up to date on your project.

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Feather Icons

Simplify interpreting information and cut down the amount of text or bullet points on your slides by adding icons to support your content. Pick and customize from more than 200 recognizable icons and add an aesthetic component to your slides.

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Use emojis to make your meaning clear and add emotions that can be difficult to put into words. Add emojis to slides and liven up chats while collaborating on presentations using Twemojis.

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Zoho Analytics

Build meaningful stories by adding informative data visualizations to your slide deck. Add actionable data insights to your slides to simplify the way your audience interprets large amounts of data.

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Add visual interest to your slides with GIFs and stickers. Access an encyclopedia of GIFs and stickers from GIPHY to make your slides more entertaining and enjoyable. Lighten up discussions on your presentations by adding GIFs as comments.

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Access thousands of high-quality icons to simplify content and communicate ideas efficiently. The integration offers a diverse range of options across various categories and visual styles. These icons can also be customized to your brand color, highlighted with effects, and grouped or ungrouped to form an object.

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Use Show’s add-ons to give your presentations a lasting impact