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Research Review

Deliver a confident and energetic presentation with this bright, bold template. These crisp, minimalist slides will highlight your research and keep your audience engaged.

Bungee Flamenco

Arts Portfolio

Give your work the dramatic backdrop it deserves. Bold design details and vibrant colors combine to make dynamic, vivid slides that will make your art pop.


World War II

The color accents of this template will highlight your presentation's vital information. These refined, bold slides have a modern feel with a classic style.

Playfair Display Libre Baskerville


Bring your biography to life with this modern, energetic template. These structured yet playful slides are sure to help you organize your information.

Walter Turncoat Comfortaa

Science Experiment

This colorful template is sure to highlight your scientific successes. Use these slides to communicate your thoughts so they stand out from the crowd.

Permanent Marker Open Sans

STEM Study Findings

Shades of green accented with subtle design details create a professional yet relaxed template. Crisp graphics combine with soft colors in these refined slides.


Consumer Tech SmartWatch

With its cool neutral and pastel tones, this modern template will help you confidently communicate your message.

Patua One Cormorant Garamond

UX Research Report

This energetic template grabs your eye with its bold design accents and vibrant colors.

Anton Rubik

Software Platform

This template's black and white color scheme gives your presentation a clean and organized look.

Bungee Titillium Web

Tech Coding

Subtle designs accents combine with a dark color scheme to create this informal yet professional slide deck.

Turret Road Overpass Mono

Managed IT Services

Bold blues complimented with pink accents give this template a contemporary, minimalist feel that keeps your audience wanting more.

Space Mono Lato


Ring in another year together with this scrapbook-style template. This clean, minimalist design will keep the focus on your big moments.

Crimson Pro Arvo


Celebrate the life of your loved one with this simple, classic design. This template's clean aesthetic will be a fitting frame for your treasured family photos.

Patua One Cormorant Garamond


Celebrate graduation day with this colorful template. The whimsical design creates vibrant, modern slides. With this template, you'll get top honors.

Teko Dosis


The days of boring travel slide shows are over. A minimalist design with subtle pop-art accents and neutral colors make for an elegant and crisp template.  

Courgette Roboto


Celebrate the big moments that brought your loved one to today with this playful, crisp template featuring pastel and geometric accents.


New Baby

This bright, cheerful template uses pop art details in blue and pink to create a fun and modern baby announcement that will make your audience smile.

Caveat Brush Calibri

Family Reunion

This subtle, elegant template highlights your family's big moments with playful pops of color and geometric details. 

Pasifico Amiri


Give your guests a glimpse into the story of your relationship. This wedding template has an elegant and modern feel with delicate design details.

Dancing Script Cormorant Garamond

Digital Strategy Template

This bright, graphic template will make an impact on your audience. Chart your digital media strategy, plan for growth, and conquer the market.

Bungee Inline Teko Calibri

Marketing Pitch Template

An eye-catching presentation will give your brand the impact it deserves. Communicate your vision and strategy with this bold, vivid template.

Open Sans

Product Overview Template

A clean, minimalistic template details your product's qualities and targets for growth in ways that are sure to connect with your buyers.

Raleway Oxygen

Advertising Plan Template

This professional but modern template will help you introduce your marketing strategy with a crisp gray-scale aesthetic and lots of white space.

Abel Nunito

Brand Style Guide Template

An eye-catching presentation will give your brand the impact it deserves. Communicate your vision and strategy with this bold, vivid template.


Marketing Proposal Template

Demonstrate how your marketing plan will drive growth with this modern, graphic template. The clean white background is accented with pops of teal that help your message stand out.

Quicksand Lato

Social Media Strategy Template

Articulate your social media strategy to get stakeholders on board. This bold red presentation will capture your audience from the first slide to the last.


Jewelry and Luxury Goods Template

This sophisticated template will communicate your sales goals and strategies through its subtle pops of color and classic style.

Playfair Display Raleway

Real Estate Template

This refined, professional template with compelling visuals and clean lines will demonstrate your grasp of the real estate market.

Open Sans

Retail Fashion Template

This hip, youthful presentation makes for a bold, colorful slide deck. Introduce your company, sell your product, and get the word out.

Expletus Sans Lato

Beauty and Cosmetics Template

This simple but classic presentation will highlight your company in the best light. An elegant, refined palette uses impactful graphs and charts to tell your story.

Josefin Sans

Tech Startup Template

Grab your audience's attention with this vibrant, colorful template. Detail your future growth and your success strategies, with bold, modern graphics.


Coffee Shop

Modern design touches combine with bright colors to make this upbeat and energetic slide deck.

Amatic SC Playfair Display

Wedding Photographer

With both a classical and modern feel, this understated template combines pink accents with gray tones for a highly refined result.

Nixie One Darker Grotesque

Burger Joint Superside

A modern, minimalist design gives this template a fresh and sophisticated feel. Pops of color are sure to leave your audience hungry for more.

Arvo Open Sans

Manufacturing Car Parts

Subtle design elements paired with bold, neon colors make this template one that really stands out from the crowd.

Teko Dosis


This bold, modern template will help you stand out from the herd. Playful, pop art design touches create slides with a casual yet confident feel.

Tienne Lato

Gym and Fitness

Playful geometric designs accented with blue and red highlights combine to create an energetic slide deck that will get your audience going.

Squada One Abel

Non Profit

This highly structured slide deck uses warm, vibrant reds and minimalist design to create a friendly, engaging presentation template.

Playfair Display Roboto

Business Innovation Plan Template

This clean, modern presentation will highlight your grasp of the market and plans to innovate. Shades of green and blue project a calm yet professional feel.

Montserrat Roboto

Event Management Template

This sleek, modern template will show that your events are polished and refined. The minimalist design, punctuated by images, will help get your story across.

Oranienbaum Oswald

Project Progress Update Template

Shades of green and a subtle geometric design combine in this template to highlight your teams progress and communicate your plans for future success.

Source Sans Pro

Project Postmortem Template

This modern template uses powerful pops of color to draw your audience in. Show what your team achieved with this avant-garde design.

Montserrat Open Sans

SCRUM Presentation Template

This modern, structured presentation demonstrates your team's successes and strategies through its pops of color and geometric design.

Unica One Dosis

Waterfall Template

A bold template will make an impact on your audience. Show what you did, what worked, and how you'll improve with this energetic design.

Barlow Montserrat

Budget Report Template

Paint the big picture of your budget and goals with this professional, welcoming template. Blue tones and a geometric design will draw stakeholders in.

Exo Signika

Project Proposal Template

This modern template uses splashes of red to highlight key points. Outline your goals and steps to success with the clean, structured design.

Playfair Display Lato

Sales Process Onboarding Template

Bring employees onboard with this colorful template. The bright and energetic design will grab their attention and communicate your company's values.

Arvo Koho

Product Overview Template

This vibrant, energetic template will highlight your products and your strategy for success. These modern slides are sure to make your pitch pop.


Sales Case Study Template

Shades of purple and pink give this modern presentation a pop. Demonstrate your grasp of the industry with vibrant accents that will drive your analysis home.

Orbitron Armata

Quarterly Sales Performance Template

Demonstrate your sales successes with this modern, minimalist template. The subtle geometric pattern will help keep your audience focused on your key points.


Sustainability Report Template

Detail your sustainability efforts with this structured template. Give your analysis visual impact, while highlighting your achievements.

Staatliches Open Sans

Lead Generation & Conversion Report Template

This clean, professional template features geometric accents in combination with vivid yellows and blues. Map your growth plans and increase buy-in with these polished slides.

Yanone Kaffeesatz Dosis

Competitive Analysis Template

Bold splashes of gray and orange make this template stand out from the crowd. Geometric touches add emphasis to vital points, giving these slides a confident, sophisticated feel.

Arvo Open Sans

Club Fundraising Template

Bold shades of maroon and green will capture your audience's attention. These structured slides will also help you communicate your plan professionally.


Class Presentation Template

This bright, colorful template uses reds and purples to emphasize key points, while playful graphics and details make every slide a welcoming one.

Baloo Thambi Spinnaker

Pre-field trips Template

This vibrant template will capture their attention with its colorful graphics. Prepare students and parents for the field trip ahead with these cheerful slides.


High school College Template

This bold and bright syllabus template will engage your students with its colorful, pop art details. Kick the term off right with these whimsical, yet informative, slides.

Cinzel NovoMono

Project Paper Assignment Template

This sleek, minimalist template provides a structured framework for introducing your class. Pops of blue combine with subtle graphics to emphasize key points.

Roboto Slab Cutive Mono

Study Guide Template

Vibrant yellow and greens create a bold template that is sure to make the grade. School-themed details bring these structured slides alive.

Work Sans

Workforce Performance Report Template

This template uses subtle pops of blue and yellow combined with a crisp, minimalist design to highlight key elements of your performance report.

Playfair Display Montserrat

Employee Onboarding Template

A minimalist design pairs with a structured layout to help you confidently onboard new employees. Dashes of red and blue help keep their attention on the vital details.

Karla Lora

HR Benefits Template

Pastels and pinks create a welcoming, energetic feel for these HR slides. The charts and graphs inside this structured, elegant template are sure to get the message across.

Pacifico Crimson Text

Sexual Harassment Template

This modern, energetic template uses pops of colorful pastels to highlight key points. Professional yet welcoming slides will offer clarity and invite engagement.


Company Policies Template

This template's modern yet retro design pops with green geometric accents. These slides will get the information across while welcoming in employees.

Yeseva One Amiri

Recruitment Drive Template

This friendly, colorful template is sure to connect with potential recruits. Subtle geometric design details help give structure without feeling stuffy.

Bigshot One Assistant

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