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Zoho Invoice offers 3 plans: Free, Monthly and a Yearly subscription plan. In this section, let’s take a look at how you can subscribe to Zoho Invoice, as well as how to switch plans.

In the Free plan, you get to create a single organization with a limited number of 5 customers.

Insight: An inactive contact will still be considered as a customer if a transaction has already been recorded for them.

Choosing a plan

Zoho Invoice offers a Monthly plan and a Yearly plan. If you’re using Zoho Invoice on a Free plan and would like to upgrade to a paid plan, follow these steps:

Global pricing

Downgrading your subscription

To cancel your subscription, follow these steps

Downgrade Dowgrade to free plan

This opens a window where you have the option to cancel your subscription right away. Enter a Reason for Cancellation and confirm your downgrade in order to proceed. Your existing data will remain in read-only mode, although you will not be able to add new data. Read more

Updating card and address details

You can make online payment for your Zoho Invoice subscription using your credit card. You can provide your credit card details while upgrading your account to one of the paid plans (monthly or yearly).

The card details you provide will be saved for all future references and payments.

To update your Credit Card details, follow these steps:

Global pricing

Payment History

Follow these steps to see every transaction you’ve made. This includes your plan upgrades, purchases and renewals.

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