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PayTabs Integration

PayTabs is a payment gateway that enables you to receive quick payments from your customers. You can integrate your Zoho Invoice organization with PayTabs and receive online payments.

PayTabs supports multiple payment options such as:

Set up PayTabs

To set up the PayTabs integration in Zoho Invoice:

Set up PayTabs Enter PayTabs Credentials

Prerequisites for Receiving Payments

Before you receive payments from customers who are going to pay you through PayTabs, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve configured the following:

Contacts Details

In the Contacts module, you’ll have to ensure the following details of your customers are filled:

Pro Tip: If the country doesn’t have a Zip Code, use the country’s Telephone Code instead.

To update the customer fields:

Enable Payment Options in Invoices

After you have updated the required details of the customer and created an invoice for the same customer, you’ll have to select PayTabs as the payment option in the invoice. Here’s how you can do it:

Edit PayTabs Credentials

After you’ve updated the above changes for your contacts and invoices, your customers can pay you through PayTabs.

Receive Payments

To receive payments through PayTabs for your invoices, make sure you’ve completed the following:

After the customer receives the invoice, there are three different ways in which you can charge them:

Customer Portal

You customer can pay directly through the Customer Portal if you’ve enabled portal access for them. Here’s what they should do:

Pay Now Proceed to Payment Pay Now


If you choose to email the invoice to your customer, they can view the invoice you have created for them and directly pay for it. This is what your customer will have to do:

Email Invoice Pay Now

After clicking Pay Now, you’ll be redirected to the payments page from where you can make the payment.

Charge Customer

After you create an invoice for your customers, you can charge them directly from Zoho Invoice, where they’ll have to enter their card details. Here’s how:

Charge Customer Charge Customer

After clicking Proceed, you’ll be redirected to the payments page from where the payment can be made using your customer’s card details.

Edit PayTabs Integration

You can change the details of your PayTabs integration that you’ve entered during setup. Here’s how:

Edit PayTabs Credentials

Insight: If you want to change the Merchant Email Address or the Merchant ID (MID), then you would have to delete the integration and enter the details again.

Delete PayTabs Integration

You can delete the PayTabs integration you have set up in Zoho Invoice. Here’s how:

Delete PayTabs Credentials
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