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Zoho Invoice - Zoho People Integration

You can integrate your Zoho Invoice account with Zoho People. With this integration, you will be able to push all your time logs from Zoho People to Zoho Invoice and invoice your customers accordingly.

Setting up the Integration

When you set up the integration, your organization name will be shared with Zoho People.

Insight: You should be an admin to set up the Zoho Invoice- Zoho People integration.

To set up the integration:

Integration Setup Page

Integration Setup Page

Your integration is now live and you can refresh the data periodically by clicking the Refresh button.

Integration Refresh

Note: You can integrate your Zoho Invoice organization with only one organization in Zoho People.

Push Time Logs Automatically to Zoho Invoice

You can automatically push time logs from Zoho People to Zoho Invoice when the timesheet is approved. Here’s how you can enable it:


Note: In Zoho People, tasks and projects can be added individually without having to be linked to each other. However, for the integration, only tasks which are linked to a project and a customer will be pushed from Zoho People to Zoho Invoice.

Integration Reports

You can view all the reports of the transactions pushed from Zoho Invoice to Zoho People. Here’s how:

Integration Reports

Disable Integration

To disable the Zoho Invoice - Zoho People integration:

Disable Integration

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