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Recording Expenses

Creating an expense

Expense creation

The expenses you record will show up on your Zoho Invoice dashboard, offering you constant updates on your spending patterns. When you want to sit down and review the financial health of your company however, a detailed assessment of your expenses is required and this is provided for you in the form of comprehensive expense reports.

Recording a Mileage expense

Zoho Invoice allows you to record your organization’s mileage expense. Let’s take an example where you or one of your employees had to go on a business trip. If you would like to record the expense towards your trip for your accounting purposes, you can do so by recording the mileage expenses by selecting the Default Account as Fuel/Mileage Expenses.

The first step in recording your mileage expense is setting up your mileage preferences. You can access mileage preferences from More Settings -> Preferences -> Expenses.

Mileage Expense Settings

Setting up your Vehicle profile

If you wish to assign different mileage rates for the vehicles used in your organization, you can make use of the Vehicle tab under Expense Preferences . This can be applicable even if the vehicles belong to the same vehicle type.

Let’s take an example where your company uses two cars, and you wish to set a different mileage rate for each car due to various reasons. You can create a profile for your vehicle and add a mileage rate for that. You can also choose the vehicle while recording a mileage expense.

To set up a profile for your vehicle, follow the instructions below:

New Vehicle Profile

Now, click on the Preferences tab under Expenses and click on + Add Mileage Rate.

Insight: The provision to choose Vehicle while recording mileage expense will appear only if you enter a mileage rate for that particular vehicle.

To record a mileage expense:

First Mileage Expense

Record Mileage Drop-Down

Record Mileage Form

Adding Expenses in Bulk

Zoho Invoice allows you to add expenses in bulk.

To add expenses in bulk:

Bulk Add Expenses

Bulk Add Expenses

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