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Expense Reports

Expense reports are a vital element of a company’s financial statement. In Zoho Invoice, you can find detailed reports that bring you up to the minute information on your business spending.

Reports are generated for the current month by default, but you can modify the date range and run a report for expenses incurred between any two arbitrary dates, making it extremely easy to obtain details of your company’s financial status between any period. You can print and export these reports with ease using the respective options provided in the top left corner of the reports section.

Expense Details Report

This report displays all the expenses you’ve incurred in a neat list, highlighting the important details.

To access the expense details report in Zoho Invoice,

All the expenses that you’ve recorded can be viewed here in single file along with the following details highlighted,

Insight: You can customize your report to contain only reimbursed expenses for the current week as shown below.

Expense details

Expenses by Category Report

This report shows you where exactly your money is going by sorting your expenses based on their category.

To access this expense details report in Zoho Invoice:

This section contains reports that sort your expenses according to the expense category. They highlight the number of expenses recorded under each category and the respective expense amounts (inclusive and exclusive of tax). Clicking on a category will display an expense details report for the expenses incurred under that particular category.

These reports offer a clear insight into the specific avenues you’re spending the most and least money on, ensuring that your spending priorities are not compromised. Staying aware of your relative spend, in turn, will help you decide where to cut down on expenses, and where to step up investments in order to further your business prospects.

Example: If you’ve dined out with a client a couple of times and travelled as part of an assignment a few times this month, your expense report will look something like this.

Expenses by category

Expenses by Customer Report

This report displays your expenses based on the customer they’re associated with, helping you track your reimbursements quicker.

To access this report in Zoho Invoice:

This reports in this section sort and display your expenses according to the customer on whose behalf they’re incurred. The total expense count and amount relative to each customer is shown, and clicking on each row elaborates on the individual expense details as well. This helps you identify the reimbursements you’re due from specific customers and track them to completion.

Expenses by customer

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