Zoho Invoice


Manage Recurring Invoices

Choose the way by which you list your recurring profiles.



Filters in the Recurring Invoices section helps you to filter the recurring profiles based on their type. 


Options Description
All All your recurring profiles will be listed.
Active Active recurring profiles (recurring profiles from which invoices are generated) will be listed here.
Stopped Recurring Profiles that were stopped will be listed here.
Expired Recurring profiles that reached the expiry date will be listed here.

Custom Views

Custom Views are specific filters to list your recurring invoices based on your criteria.

Custom Views

For example, out of all your recurring invoices in Zoho Invoice, you might want to view those recurring invoices that are greater than $1000.

With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter. All you have to do is set criteria and later use it to classify data.

Custom View

To create a Custom View:

Your new custom field will now be listed under Created By Me, in the dropdown.


  You can sort and list the invoices based on the following options:  


You can also sort based on the column names provided on the recurring profiles listing page. Just click the column name to do so. They can be sorted in ascending and in descending order.

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