Client Portal in Zoho Books

Client Portal is a platform whereyour customers can view and keep track of all the transactions that have taken place between them and your business. Bid goodbye to lengthy emails and collaborate efficiently like never before.

Read on to know how to enable the portal and provide access to your clients for your account.

Working in the Client Portal

Client Portal Settings

To enable the client portal in Zoho Books:

Setup Client Portal

Inviting your Contacts to the Portal

To give access to your customers, you need to manually enable the portal for each contact person associated to a contact. Once they log in to their portal, they can view sales transactions like estimates and invoices that you have sent to them. You can also collaborate and discuss with your customers by commenting on the transactions. This will hasten the quotes approval process and payments.

To give the client portal access to your customers:

Create password for client portal

Your clients will be able to log into your portal and view the invoices, estimates and also download customer statements.

Logging into the Client Portal

Your clients can log in to the client portal using their email address and the password they created in the previous step.

What can the customers do in the client portal?

Customers can view all the transactions performed with them in the client portal. Apart from this, they can accept or decline estimates, comment on them, rate the organization and view their statements.

Client portal login


The first thing that your client will see upon logging into your client portal would be the dashboard. ​The dashboard displays important details such as outstanding invoices, retainer invoices, and the last payment made.

Client portal Home

All the outstanding sales transactions will be displayed in the dashboard.


Your clients can view the status of all the invoices and estimates they have received as well as the payments made in the past.


Your customers can view a list of the estimates they’ve received from you. If they are satisfied with the offered price, they can take your business forward by clicking the Accept button.​ The client can also filter the list to display a particular type of estimate by clicking the drop-down above the list.

Accepting Estimate in client portal

Accepting Estimate in client portal

Declining Estimate in client portal

You can always rework the declined estimate by clicking the Edit option provided in your Zoho Books account ​to make an offer your clients can’t resist and update them.


Your clients can view a list of invoices sent by you in the portal. They can open the invoice by clicking on one of them. ​If the invoice is unpaid, they can choose to pay instantly by ​clicking Pay Now. The client can also filter the list to display a particular type of invoice by clicking on the drop-down above the list.

Instant Pay for an Invoice

Instant Pay for an Invoice

Payments Made

Your customer can keep a track of all the payments made for the invoices sent by you.



If you had enabled the Allow customers to view projects and timesheets option in the portal settings, an additional module will be made available in your customer’s client portal.

Project Enable

The Projects module in the client portal will list all the projects created for your customer.


When you select any project, you will see the following tabs:


All the billable tasks created for this project will be listed here. Details such as Logged Hours, Billed Hours and Unbilled Hours will also be displayed.

Project Tasks


All the billable timesheet entries created for this project will be listed here. The details such Task, Date, Time and Status will also be displayed.

Project Timesheet


Your customers can comment in the client portal regarding the project.

Client Comment Project

You can check and reply to the comments made by your customer on the specific project from your Zoho Books account.

Check the Display in client portal box to make your reply visible in the client portal.

Client Comment Reply


Your clients can view a detailed Statement of Accounts consisting of all the transactions between them and your company. They can also have their statements printed or downloaded as PDFs.

Statements of Accounts


The Viewed Notification

Once your clients have viewed your estimate or invoice, it will be indicated to you with a Eye icon on the specific estimate or invoice on your Zoho Books account.

Viewed notifcation


Your customers can comment on their sales transactions in the client portal. This feature comes handy when clients ask for a better price on your estimate rather than declining it.

Client comment in Client portal

You can check and reply to the comments made by the client on the specific estimate or invoice from your Zoho Books account. 

Select the Display in client portal checkbox to make your reply visible to your clients in the client portal.

User comment in Zoho Books

User Reply view for client in Client portal

By Mail

A notification email will be triggered to your email account if your client:

Other Actions

There are several actions that your customers can perform upon the sales transactions displayed in their client portal such as:

Save, Print and Forward

Once the estimate or invoice is forwarded to a contact by the client, that contact gets added up as a contact person for the client in your Zoho Books account.

Client Details

Clients can update and edit their personal details, company details and change their password using the client portal. Let us take a look at how they can do this.

My Account Details

The My Company Details section is found in the Dashboard. Here, your customers can update or edit their company details such as the billing and shipping address.

Client account details

Change Password

Customers can change the password they use to enter the client portal by clicking the Change Password module on the left sidebar.

Change Password

The password changes only for the specific contact person using the client portal.


Your customers might face the following errors when they try to make payments through the client portal:

Error Code What went wrong? What can you do?
CP1003 Your customer’s client portal might be associated with a deleted customer contact. Verify that the associated customer contact still exists.
CP1004 Your customer’s client portal might be associated with a deleted recurring profile. Verify that the associated recurring profile still exists.
CP2001 You have not set up default taxes for your organization. Go to Settings > Taxes and create a default tax.
CP3001 You have not enabled reference transactions in your merchant account. Enable reference transactions in your merchant account.
CP3002 You have configured the payment gateway with invalid credentials or have made recent changes to your merchant account. Re-enter the correct credentials in Settings > Integrations.
CP3003 The payment has been declined due to the fraud detection filters that you’ve set up in your merchant account. Verify if the transaction was fraudulent or not. Moderate your fraud filters, if necessary.
CP3004 The transaction has been declined as the payment gateway couldn’t verify the address of your customer. Configure the address fields for your payment pages in Settings > Customer Payments > Card Verification Settings.
CP3005 A transaction with the same amount and card details was made within a few minutes of the previous transaction. Ask your customer to try again after a few minutes.
CP4001 The transaction amount is less than the minimum amount allowed by the payment gateway. This may be due to the discounts or credits applied. Make sure that the transaction amount is greater than the minimum transaction amount.
CP4002 Payment gateway that you’ve configured doesn’t support recurring payments. Configure a payment gateway that supports recurring payments.
CP4003 The payment gateways that you’ve configured don’t support the transaction currency. Configure a payment gateway that supports the transaction currency.

Let your customers access all their transactions and make payments, all in one central place, with an online customer portal.

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