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  • Encryption at rest  
  • Encryption in transit  
  • Password-protected email  
  • Offline mode  
  • POP  
  • Active sync  
  • Calendar  
  • Tasks and Notes  
  • Domain alias  
  • Custom login  

Why Zoho Mail

Security you can trust

Equipped with enhanced spam filtering, malware detection, and customizable email policies, Zoho Mail delivers a highly-secure email service. The software is guarded with advanced encryption and complies with GDPR and HIPAA policies, so you can trust Zoho Mail to keep your information safe. Learn more

Pretty great privacy!

Along with security, data privacy is Zoho Mail's top priority. Transparency is the cornerstone of our privacy measures. We understand and respect the importance and criticality of confidential information, so even we can't access your data. By employing robust privacy practices and providing an ad-free platform, Zoho Mail offers top-notch privacy. Learn more

More than a mailbox

With the Zoho Mail suite, you can stay on top of your schedule, manage everyday tasks, and quickly jot down ideas. The platform comes bundled with Zoho Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts, granting you access to an essential collection of applications. Learn more

A dedicated control panel

With Zoho Mail's powerful Admin Console, you can migrate data to Zoho Mail, manage users and groups, configure spam policies, set up email policies and restrictions, view insightful reports, and so much more. Learn more

Archival and eDiscovery

If you want to retain emails for legal purposes or store them in a centralized location to prevent data loss, Zoho Mail has got you covered. With our eDiscovery portal, you can safely retain or backup emails and retrieve them when you want. Learn more

Offline mode

View, reply to, and draft emails even when you lack internet connection with Zoho Mail's Offline mode. You can download emails for a specific period and reply to them from Zoho Mail even when unplugged from the Internet. Learn more

A collaborative platform

If you're looking to elevate your team's communication, say hello to Streams. Zoho Mail's collaborative tool enables social media-style interactions between team members. Post messages, tag your colleagues, add comments, and work together effectively. Learn more

An affordable option

Zoho Mail offers transparent and flexible plans that suit any organization, no matter the size, sector, or geography. But don't just take our word for it—try our free version and see for yourself! See pricing

The best alternative to ProtonMail.

Feature-rich. Private. Secure.

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