Secure Access

Securing access to your account is the first and the most crucial step in protecting your data. With this in mind, Zoho Mail has built multiple lines of defense to protect you from phishing attacks.

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Secure Access

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) acts as an extra layer of security to your account. With the Zoho OneAuth application, Touch ID, push notification, OTP, and QR code can serve as an additional proof of identity while signing in to your Zoho Mail account. Even if your password is compromised, you can always count on TFA to keep your account safe.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On enhances security by providing a central access to all your Zoho applications. With your credentials stored in one highly secure place, the chances of it being compromised are slim. The workflow across your applications becomes safer and easier without having to enter individual passwords in multiple places.

OAuth 2.0

Knowing the importance of keeping your credentials protected, Zoho Mail supports OAuth 2.0. Using the OAuth 2.0 authentication process, you can access Zoho Mail from other third party applications without having to disclose your password to the external application.

Unusual Activity Report

Zoho Mail constantly monitors your account for any unusual activity. In the occurrence of any such activity—including a login from a new location—you and your administrators are promptly notified. You can then enhance your account's security if required.

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