Direct Debit Payments - Overview

Direct Debit Payments allows your customers to pay their invoices directly via their bank account. Once your customer approves the direct debit payment, their bank account will be automatically charged on every renewal. Usually, they are processed via financial networks like the ACH (Automated Clearing House) in US, Bacs in the UK, SEPA in Europe.

Points to Note

GoCardless Integration

Direct debit payments in UK and other European countries are processed by GoCardless.


How direct debit payments are processed in Zoho Subscriptions with GoCardless?

When a direct debit payments is initiated, Zoho Subscriptions requests GoCardless which inturn contacts the customer’s bank to allow charging the customer’s account. This whole process will take 3-5 business days.

Before, charging the customer’s bank account, your customer has to authorise your withdrawal of funds using a Direct Debit Mandate. Zoho Subscriptions will generate a mandate for particular customer during the checkout process which customer can authorise by enabling the checkbox Use this Direct Debit Mandate for future transactions.

Learn more about Direct Debit Mandate.

Setting up GoCardless

Once you’ve understood how direct debit works in GoCardless, let’s start with setting up GoCardless gateway.

New GoCardless user

Sign Up Button

Existing Gocardless user

If you’ve been already GoCardless outside Zoho Subscriptions, you can directly connect your account with Zoho Subscriptions without any hassle.

Configuring Direct Debit payment for a subscription

Once you’ve configured GoCardless account, follow the steps below to enable Direct Debit payment for a customer.

Step 1: Allow customer to make Direct Debit payments

If your customer wants to pay via Direct Debit payments, you have to enable the checkbox Allow this customer to make Direct Debit Payments in the customer Edit screen.

Allow direct debit

Step 2: Enabling Direct Debit payment for a subscription

You can enable Direct Debit payment for a subscription only after creating it. After creating the subscription, your customer has to login to their portal, select the respective subscription’s invoice and pay using GoCardless by authorising the mandate.

Detailed instruction listed below. Request your customer to do the following.

Request your customer for bank account details

If your customer wants to converts his/her subscriptions from offline to online direct debit subscription, you can use the Request Payment Method to get the bank account details from your customers.

To associate a card for a subscription,

If Save is selected, the bank account will be associated to the subscription but it will not been charged on renewals. The subscription will still be an offline subscription.

Update customer’s bank account

If your customer wants to update their bank account, they can use their Customer Portal. Click here to know more. Once updated, it will reflect inside Zoho Subscriptions.

Update your bank account

When your bank account is updated, all your Direct Debit payments will be sent/received via this updated bank account.

To update your bank account associated with GoCardless,

Email notifications

In Zoho Subscriptions, with respect to Direct Debit payments, following email notifications will be sent to the customers. Learn more.

Processing refund

To refund a payment received via GoCardless, it is recommended to refund two days after the payment is processed. This is to avoid refunding of any failed payments.

Mandate Sync

Mandate sync in GoCardless allows you to fetch your customers’ mandate details from your GoCardless account to your Zoho Susbcriptions account.

Here are a few things you should remember while enabling the mandate sync:

To sync the mandates,

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