Zoho Subscriptions - Twilio (SMS Integration)

The Twilio integration for Zoho Subscriptions lets you send automated SMS notifications to your customers for new subscriptions, payments and payment reminders.

What can you do with this integration?


This integration is available only in the Professional plan of Zoho Subscriptions, or a plan of Zoho One.

Connect with Twilio

To set up this integration:

Insight: You can update these credentials after connecting with Twilio, if needed, by going to Settings > Integrations > SMS Integrations > Click Change Account Settings near Twilio.

Now, the Twilio integration has been enabled and you can start sending SMS notifications to your customers.

Configure and Send SMS Notifications

Learn how to configure and send SMS messages for your customers.

Delete the Integration

To delete the integration:

Pro Tip: If you want to stop sending your customers SMS messages, you can simply disable SMS notifications for certain customers or disable every SMS notification to prevent sending messages to your customers altogether.

Now, the integration will be removed and your customers will not receive SMS notifications.

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