The Preferences section under Settings can be used to customize certain modules and functions of Zoho Subscriptions.


To change the preference settings of Invoices, navigate to gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Invoice. Here you can change preferences related to Invoice module.

Preference Invoice Settings 1

Preference Invoice Settings 2


To change the preference settings of Customers, navigate to gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Customer. Here you have the options to enable or disable the use of same display name for more than one customer and also to add custom fields in the Customer module to display add additional information.

To change the duplicate contact name details,

Customer Preferences Duplicate names


To change the settings of Payments, navigate to Gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Payment. Here, you can set the order of the configured payment modes and add custom fields to display any additional information related to Payments.

Reorder the payment modes

All the payment modes that you’ve configured are listed under Preferences. You can rename the payment mode as you would like to display in the hosted payment page and also re-arrange the order in which they are displayed. To reorder the payment mode:

Payment Mode Preferences

Your preferences will be refelcted in the hosted payment pages.

Credit Notes

To change the preference settings of Credit Notes, navigate to gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Credit Notes. Here you can add custom fields to display any additional information related to Credit Notes.

Address Format

To change the preference settings of Customers, navigate to gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Address Format. Here you can set the address formats for your organization from the placeholders provided. You can insert placeholder by clicking on the drop-down icon next to Insert Placeholders. Make sure to hit Save after editing the address format.

Address Format

Address Verification Settings

Initially card address was made mandatory in subscriptions. This was initiated by us to avoid confusions with respect to various payment gateways as different payment gateways have different validations. But now you are given that option to decide on whether the card address needs to be shown or not.

Depending on your choice of gateway you can enable the necessary fields of the card address to be shown or to be made mandatory by making the preferences in Address Verification Settings.

Kindly follow the steps below to make card address related changes:



Branding can be used to upload or change the organization’s logo and change the look and feel of the organization using different themes. You can change the Branding preferences under gear icon > More Settings > Preferences > Branding.

To upload the organization’s logo,

Branding-New Logo

Branding-Change Logo

To change the organization’s theme,


Field Customization

To create a new custom field:

Label Name

Select an appropriate name for your custom field. This field will be displayed when you are entering data in the respective module.

Data Type

Choose the type of data that you will enter or store in this field. Zoho Subscriptions provides the following data types for custom fields:

For fields that don’t contain PII, you can provide default values. The preview of the field and the text will be shown in the form itself.

Data Privacy

Select PII or ePHI based on the information that you will be entering in this field.

Default Value

If you enter a value in this field, the value will appear by default for this custom field when you are creating a new transaction. You can leave this empty if you do not want to set any default value.

Is Mandatory

If you mark this field as mandatory, then the form in which the field appears cannot be saved if this field is left empty.

Show in all PDF

While you can enter data in the custom field and save it, you can choose whether this data is displayed in the transaction PDF or not.

Show in Customer Portal/HostedPage

If you are creating a custom field for the Customers module, enabling this option will allow you to display this custom field in the customer portal.

After entering all the fields, click Save. From now on, when you enter data in the respective module, the custom field will be displayed.

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