Credit Notes

Credits in Zoho Subscriptions represent the money that you owe your customer. A credit note is issued in the customer’s name in order to keep track of this debt until it’s paid off. The debt remains until it’s refunded or subtracted from the next invoice you send your customer.

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Credits are raised in case of both offline and online transactions.

In the following scenarios, a credit note is automatically generated for the respective difference in cost.

A credit note can also be created manually.

Create a credit note

Follow the below steps to manually create a credit note:

Credit Note

View a credit note

Follow the below steps to view a credit note:

Associate template

Follow the below steps to associate template to a credit note.

A template can be associated while creating a credit note.

Credit Note Status

Refund a credit note

Follow the below steps to refund a credit note:

Refund for offline and online credit notes are different from each other in the following aspects:

Redeem a credit note

Redeem is nothing but to regain something. In Zoho Subscriptions, credits that are unused can be redeemed in the course of creating, updating and renewing both offline/online subscriptions. Follow the below steps to redeem a credit note:

Redeem credit note

NOTE:- When you downgrade a subscription from higher tier plan to lower tier plan, a credit note gets created. In such cases the credit note gets automatically redeemed without enabling Redeem Credit Notes.

Credit note details report

Credit note details can be viewed and also exported either in CSV or PDF format from the report section by following the below steps:

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