A customer can be an individual or business who purchases goods or services from a business.

In Zoho Subscriptions, customers are those who subscribe to your products or services. The Customers module will list all your past and current customers. Customers are made of up their email address, card details, billing and shipping address etc.

Create a customer

In Zoho Subscriptions, customers can be created in two ways.

Automatically via hosted payment page

When your customers subscribe to one of your plans via hosted payment page, then the customer will be automatically created with the details collected and the subscription will be associated to them.

Manually via web interface

To create a customer manually,


Edit a customer

To edit a customer,

Record Payment for a customer

Say for instance, that you collected a payment for an invoice offline i.e via cash, cheque etc., and you’d want this payment to show up in system for the invoice. In this case, you can use the Record Payment option.

To record a payment for a customer,

Record Payment for a customer

Add Card/Bank account for a customer

In Zoho Subscriptions, card/bank account for the customers can be added in two ways, directly by you and by the customer. But remember, adding a card/bank account will not automatically change the offline subscriptions to online subscriptions. You have to manually associate card/bank account to each subscription and make it online.

Adding a Card/bank account

By You

There can come a situation where your customers would want you to add their card/bank account for them.

To add a card/bank account for a customer,

Add Card/ Bank account

Directly by the customer

Your customers can enter their card/bank account details when they sign up to one of your plans via hosted payment page. Or, say if you’ve created a subscription for them manually but your customer wants to enter their card/bank account details from their end then you can use the Request Payment Method to get the card/bank account details from them.

What this Request Payment Method essentially does is that it will send your customers a form to their email address requesting them to enter their card/bank account details. Once added, it will reflect under the respective customer inside Zoho Subscriptions.

To request your customers for card/bank account,

Request Payment Method

Associating card/bank account for a subscription

Once card/bank account is successfully added, you have to manually associate the card to a subscription so that Zoho Subscriptions can automatically charge customer’s card on renewal.

To associate a card for a subscription,

If Save is clicked, the card will be associated to the subscription but it will not been charged on renewals. It’ll still be a offline subscription.

Associating card/bank account for a subscription

Mark a customer Active/Inactive

A customer can be marked as inactive if you no longer do business with them.

To mark a customer active/inactive,

Mark customer as active/inactive - Customers

Delete a customer

Deleting a customer will remove them from your organization. A customer once deleted cannot be retrieved.

To delete a customer,


Delete - Customers

Create a Contact Person

Contact Person can be an individual associated for that customer who will be notified regularly regarding the customer’s subscriptions. A customer can have multiple contact persons.

Mark a Contact Person the Primary Contact

If you want the subscription related notifications (which are sent to the customer) to be sent the contact person as well, then marking the contact person as Primary Contact would do. This way the contact person will be up-to-date with all the subscription activities.

To mark the contact person the primary contact,


Mark as primary - Contact Person

Delete a contact person

Deleting a contact person will remove all their information from the organization. You can only delete a contact person who is not associated with any subscriptions. This is to prevent the subscription from becoming orphan.

To delete a contact person,

Delete - Contact Person

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