Zendesk Integration

The Zoho Subscriptions app for Zendesk allows your customer support executive to access customer details in an instant. You will be able to view the customer information from Zoho Subscriptions right from your ticket view. On enabling the integration, you will be able to:

Installing Zoho Subscriptions app for your Zendesk

Once you’ve installed the Zoho Subscriptions app on your Zendesk, you can open a ticket and click Apps on the top right corner.

Viewing your customer’s information on Zendesk

You don’t have to switch between Zendesk and Zoho Subscriptions to get the customers information. The customer information will pop-up automatically when you open a ticket. You will be able to view the customer’s


Viewing your customer’s subscription details

If you want to view all the subscriptions associated to the customer who raised the ticket, you can navigate to the subscriptions section under the sales tab. The Sales tab will give you information regarding a customer’s plan details. You can check which plan the customer has subscribed to and provide support accordingly. You will be able to view the


If you want to view the transaction history of the customer, you can navigate to the invoices section on the sales tab. Support and sales agents can also check the payment status of an invoice, in addition to the invoice number.


Adding customers to Zoho Subscriptions

If you have any customers who have signed up to your product or service offline, you can add them to your customer database in Zoho Subscriptions.

You can also add remarks in the comments section, which will be reflected in the customer’s profile in Zoho Subscriptions as well.


Adding new subscriptions for your customers

If your customer has requested for a subscription over a support ticket, you can add a new subscription for your customers.

Uninstalling the Zoho Subscriptions app for your Zendesk

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