Email notifications

You can configure Zoho Subscriptions to send email notifications for subscription related events (like new subscriptions, renewals and expiry), payment related events and one time charges.

You can read about the retry settings email notifications here.

Adding new email notifications

Go to the gear icon on the top right, click More Settings and select Email Notifications.

New email notifications can be added from the Add New Mail Notifications drop down. The notifications of events which are already included are indicated by a tick mark.

To disable email notifications for an event, click the Disable button corresponding to the particular event.

Add new events

Editing the default template

To edit an existing template, select the required event and click default. Now, you can edit the email content and add any placeholders if needed. After editing, click on Save.

Editing the default template

Custom Templates

You can customize the email content of each event and save the customized email content as a new template.

If you use multiple products, you can create templates with content specific to a product for required events. These templates can be associated with the respective product in the Products section.

To create a custom template, select the required event and click default. You can edit the email content as well as include additional placeholders by clicking the Insert Placeholders from the drop down.

After customizing the contents, click Save As New. Enter a name for the new template and click Save.

Custom Template

Associate templates

Default templates have been provided for each event. If you have created a custom template for an event, you can associate that template to a product.

Associate template

Other actions

How can I change the default “From” address for all my e-mail notifications?

To change the “From” email address for all your email notifications,

Configure emails

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