A webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback that is triggered when a particular event occurs at the source site. When the event occurs, the source site makes an HTTP request to the URL specified.

In simple words, webhook lets you to quickly find out the changes happening to your subscriptions within Zoho Subscriptions. A webhook is used to send out an event notification to your service.

Once you’ve configured the URL, Zoho Subscriptions will post the event as a JSON to your webhook URL. For example, if a “subscription_created” event occurs, then a notification is sent to the specified URL.

Creating a Webhook:

In Zoho Subscriptions, you can create webhook for any change in subscription status, transactions and when an invoice is created.

To create a webhook,

Creating a webhook

Creating a webhook

You can create different webhooks for every different events. Webhooks created for particular event can be viewed by clicking on Show History against the particular event under Events tab.

Editing a Webhook:

To edit a webhook,

Deleting a Webhook:

To delete a webhook,

Editing/Deleting a webhook

Resending a Webhook:

To resend a webhook,

Resending a webhook

Note: You can also click on Show History to see the webhook history of that particular event.

Webhook history

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