Zoho Subscriptions gives you the opportunity to bring in your colleagues within your organization as Users. You can invite them to your organization and provide them with a role based access. For example, you can invite your sales person to the organization and give access to specific module like customers, transactions and invoices. The different types of Roles include,

Please note:

Adding a User

To add a user to the organization,

Invite new user Adding a User

Deleting a User

To delete an existing user from the organization,

Deleting a User

Changing the User’s status

To mark a user active or inactive,

changing user's status

Please note:

What is the difference between deleting and marking the user inactive?

Deleting a user will completely remove them from the organization. The user will not have any access to the organization’s details until invited again. However, if marked inactive, the user will not be completely removed. Instead, the user will be restricted from accessing the organization but remains listed as a user. You can mark the user active again and revoke the restrictions any time later.

Adding Custom Roles

Users can access the modules based on their role. There are two predefined roles:

If the above two roles couldn’t get meet your needs, you can create a custom roles specific to your needs and name them.

To create a custom role,

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