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Web Tabs are similar to browser tabs, but accessible within Zoho Subscriptions. It enables you and the users in your organizations to access web pages or applications within Zoho Subscriptions. You can also set access permissions for web tabs based on users and roles.

Web tabs can be used in many ways to smoothen out your business workflows, especially if you use multiple apps to run your business.

Scenario: Patricia runs a digital magazine business and uses multiple applications to manage different aspects of her business. She uses customized reports in Zoho Analytics to track her business data from these applications. With web tabs, she can view her analytic data, like consolidated business reports within Zoho Subscriptions using an embed URL from Zoho Analytics.

Points to note before you start using web tabs:

Create Web Tabs

To create a new web tab:

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Pro Tip: Try using the embed URL or publish URL of a website or application if the normal URL does not load in web tabs.

Insight: The web tabs that you create will be available to your users based on the visibility settings that you chose when creating the web tab.

Now, you’ll find the Web Tabs module in the left sidebar of Zoho Subscriptions with all your web tabs listed under it. Clicking on any of these web tabs will open the URL within Zoho Subscriptions.

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Edit Web Tabs

You can edit the name, URL and visibility settings of your web tab after creating it. To do so:

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Delete Web Tabs

To remove web tabs from Zoho Subscriptions:

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