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Advanced Analytics in Zoho Invoice

The Reports module of Zoho Invoice has a standard set of reports which you can generate to know the financial health of your organization. Even though these reports address the requirements of a majority of businesses, there is always a need for customization depending on the type of business.

Advanced analytics a.k.a Zoho Invoice - Zoho Analytics integration allows you to create highly customizable reports and dashboards to visualize and track key metrics from your Zoho Invoice data.

Highlights of Advanced Analytics

By Enabling Advanced Analytics you can,

Setting up the integration in Zoho Analytics

For the integration to work, you should add and enable the Zoho Finance add-on from within Zoho Analytics.

The add-on enables you to import your Zoho Invoice organization data into Zoho Analytics for advanced reporting and analysis.

Any Zoho user who is an Administrator of the organization in Zoho Invoice can configure this add-on to analyze their Zoho Invoice organization data. Please note that, only one setup is allowed per organization in Zoho Analytics.

The Zoho Finance Advanced Analytics connector powered by Zoho Analytics is available in all the paid plans of Zoho Analytics (starting from $25 per month). This will empower you with financial analytical capabilities over your Zoho Invoice data. Apart from that, you can also create insightful reports & dashboards for in depth financial analysis. Learn more.

If you’re already a Zoho Analytics user, and have a paid plan, you can use the add-on for free.

To enable the add-on, kindly follow the instructions below:

Note: If you’re in the free plan, you’ll have to pay for the add-on.

Setting up the integration in Zoho Invoice

To set up Advanced Analytics in Zoho Invoice, kindly follow the instructions below:

Reports Integration

Configure option

Choosing Module

Zoho Invoice - Reports integration

Once the setup is completed, it will take some time for all the data from your Invoice account to be transfered to Zoho Analytics. Please note that you cannot make any changes to the settings until the data transfer is complete.

You will receive an email after the data from Zoho Invoice is imported into Zoho Analytics.

Generating reports

Once the data is synced, you can generate in-depth reports by navigating to the reports section.

Advanced Analytics

Sharing Zoho Analytics

Only the Admin, who configured the Zoho Invoice and Zoho Analytics integration will be able to view the reports. To share it with other users in your organization or anyone else,

Share Database

Send Invite to view Reports

Deactivating Advanced Analytics

You can deactivate advanced analytics anytime. Note that, all the data and reports created in your Zoho Analytics account will be deleted. To deactivate advanced analytics:

Deactivate Reports

To know more about Advanced analytics integration, refer to Zoho Analytics help documentation.

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