Zoho Invoice


Manage Timesheet Views

In Zoho Invoice, you can choose to list the projects and timesheets based on your preference. There are two ways by which both projects and timesheets can be displayed.

Sorting Projects

You can display Projects based on 

List view

As the name says, in this view, all your projects would be displayed in a list. You can check them out based on the following views.

Card View:

As the name suggests, all your projects would be listed in the form of a card with the task name and Project Name displayed on top of them. You can click them to view it or to add data. We also have options to log time and create expense on the card. You can list the projects based on the following views

Sorting Timesheet Entries

Timesheet entries can also be displayed by two ways:


As suggested above, the logged time would be displayed in a list. Hover your mouse over each entry to spot a gear icon. When clicked, you would be offered option to either clone that timesheet entry or to delete it. You can view them based on



Calendar View

In the Calendar view, a calendar would be displayed with the respective month’s dates. You can hover over the calendar with your mouse to spot + New Entry. Click it add a new timesheet entry. 

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