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Keyboard Shortcuts in Zoho Invoice

Keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys enable you to use Zoho Invoice with ease and convenience. You can instantly perform actions within the application using the keyboard shortcuts.

Pro Tip: Press Shift + ? to instantly view the shortcut keys in a pop-up while using Zoho Invoice.

Keyboard Shortcuts Zoho Invoice

Insight: If you forget where to look for your shortcut keys, you can always click the help icon in the top-right corner and click Keyboard Shortcuts to view them!

The shortcuts in Zoho Invoice are categorized based on the pages in which you can use the shortcut keys. Let’s look into how they are categorized.


You can use the following shortcuts from anywhere in the organization and they would take you to the respective page or perform the particular action.

Say, you are looking into the Reports of an organization and you would like to quickly navigate another organization of yours. You can just press key-organizations in your keyboard from any module to view the list of organizations you have in Zoho Invoice.

Likewise, the following actions are common to all modules:

Keys Description
key-search Jump to the Search Bar. Search by modules or click Advanced Search.
key-settings Open the Settings page in the current window.
key-organizations Navigate to your list of Organizations in Zoho Invoice.

Go To Actions

You can use the following shortcut keys to navigate to a specific tab. These could be the most common actions you perform day-to-day.

Just like the General Shortcuts, these actions are also common to all the modules. They are:

Keys Description
key-invoices Jump to the the Invoices tab.
key-estimates Jump to the the Estimates tab.
key-creditnotes Jump to the the Credit Notes tab.
key-expenses Jump to the the Expense tab.

Module Level Actions

Once you’ve navigated to a particular module, you can use the following shortcut keys to perform actions specific to a particular module. This action is applicable only to the Estimates, Invoices, Payments Received, Credit Notes and Expenses modules of Zoho Invoice.

Let’s say you are planning to move all data from one organization to another. The Module Level Actions let’s you complete them really quick! Click key-export to export data from one organization and click key-import in your other organization to import the files.

Keys Description
key-new Create a New Transaction.
key-email-multiple Email all/multiple transactions from the same module.
key-print-multiple Print all/multiple transactions from the same module.
key-download-multiple Download all/multiple transactions from the same module as a PDF.
key-import Import all data to a particular module from your computer.
key-export Export all data from a particular module to your computer.
key-select-all Select all transactions in a specific module
key-select-multiple Select all transactions between two intervals.

Transaction Level Actions

After you have selected a transaction, you can use the following shortcut keys to perform actions at the transaction level. The following shortcuts let you perform actions quickly without having to reach for a mouse.

Keys Description
key-edit Edit an existing transaction.
key-mail Mail a transaction.
key-print Print a transaction.
key-download Download transactions as a PDF.
key-save Save transactions when you create them.
key-save-print Save and Print a transaction.

Creation Actions

What are keyboard shortcuts for if they don’t let you create transactions in a flash? The following shortcuts will help you create new transactions across various modules from anywhere in the organization.

Keys Description
key-create-invoice Create a new Invoice.
key-create-estimate Create a new Estimate.
key-create-creditnote Create a new Credit Note.
key-create-expense Create a new Expense.
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