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GoCardless is a UK based Direct Debit provider. Integrating GoCardless with Zoho Invoice enables you to easily collect one-off or recurring invoices via Direct Debit - putting you in control of your cashflow. Your customers will be able to set up the Direct Debit mandate and pay the invoices that you send using the link in the email or through the customer portal.

Things to remember

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Connecting GoCardless with Zoho Invoice

Setting up an integration with GoCardless will enable your customers to make payments through the Customer Portal. To configure GoCardless,

Existing GoCardless Users

Connect to GoCardless

Connect to GoCardless page

New GoCardless Users

New user

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Other Actions

Mandate Sync

Mandate sync in GoCardless allows you to fetch your customers’ mandate details from your GoCardless account to your Zoho Invoice account.

Here are a few things you should remember while enabling Mandate Sync:

To sync the mandates,


You can change the header content of the payment page by changing the Mandate Description. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the Mandate Description,



Note: Your organisation’s name will be displayed by default if no Mandate Description is given.


Transaction History

You can view the list of all your transactions under Transaction History. To do so follow the steps mentioned below,


Remove integration

To disable the GoCardless integration,

Remove Integration

Making payments through Customer Portal using GoCardless

Client Integration

Insight: Customers can also choose to save their account details for future transactions by checking the Use this Direct Debit mandate for future transactions option.

Client Integration 3

Client Integration 2

Client Integration 4