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Customer Portal

Customer Portal is an online platform which helps you to connect and share the transactions directly with your customers. All the transactions that you create for a customer will be available in your customer’s customer portal where he can view them and perform other actions depending on the transaction. Also, your customer will be able to make payments for the invoices directly from the customer portal. If your customer changes his location and there is a change in your customer’s address, he will be able to update his address in the Customer Portal which will be reflected in Zoho Invoice. Also, you will be able to request a review from your customer about your company

Enabling Customer Portal

Before your customer can use the Customer Portal, you have to enable Customer Portal for them in Zoho Invoice. You can enable Customer Portal for your customer only if you’ve added their email address to their contact. There are multiple ways to enable a Customer Portal. You can enable it either when you create a contact as mentioned above or later from the Contact Details page.

To enable Customer Portal from Contact Details page:

Customer Portal Enable

Insight: The password that you enter will be sent to your customer via email to log into the Customer Portal securely. The password that you give can be used only once and as soon as they use it to login, they will be redirected to a page to reset the password according to their preference.

Selecting the email

Client Review

Customer feedback is an essential process for any organization. It helps you understand what your customers think about your company. The customer review feature in Zoho Invoice allows your customers to rate and comment on your organization’s products or services. Who wouldn’t love a positive word of mouth?

Enabling Client Review

You can enable the client review option in the Portal Preferences. To enable Customer Portal:

Once you enable client review option in Zoho Invoice, you can request a review from your customer. To do that, kindly follow the steps below:

Request Review Image

Pro Tip: You can customize the Client Review Email Template in the Settings as you desire and save them. All the client review emails that you’d send use the customized template. Learn more about Email Template Customization.

Submit Review image

Notification Image

Feedback Image

Apart from requesting review from the Contacts module, you can request review from your clients while you manually record a payment.

Request Review Payment Image

Disabling Client Review

If you don’t want to request reviews from your customers, you can disable the option. To disable:

Disable Client Review

Client Review Report

Zoho Invoice also provides a separate report to display the list of client reviews that you’ve received from your customers. To access this report:

Client Review Report Image

Portal Preferences

Portal Preferences allow you to configure the settings of the Customer Portal. Let’s look into how best we can change the Customer Portal settings to best reflect your business to your customers.

To go the portal settings:

Portal Settings Image

Field Names Description
Portal Name An unique name for your customer portal which will be used in the portal URL as shown below the Portal Name field.
Banner Message Enter a message that you want to display at the top of the Home page.
Send me an email notification for every activity that takes place in the portal Check this option to receive an email when customers add or decline estimates, add comments and make payments.
Allow customers to forward documents from portal Check this option to allow your customers to forward the invoices and estimates to another person. If they forward, that person will be added as a contact person in the contact.
Send an email notification to customers when I comment on Invoices/ Estimates Check this option if you want to send an email to your customer whenever you add a comment.
Enable customer review for my services Check this option to allow you to request a review from your customers who are in Customer Portal.
Allow customers to view projects and timesheets Check this option to allow your customers to view the Project Name, Description, Billed and Unbilled Hours, Logged Time and Fixed cost of the project.
Allow customers to edit their information Check this option to allow your customers to edit their Billing and Shipping addresses, custom fields and contact details.

After making the necessary changes, click Save.

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