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Bill of Supply

A Bill of Supply is a document issued by GST Registered Businesses in place of a Tax Invoice. It is used by Composition Vendors and businesses dealing with Exempted Goods. 


When is a Bill of Supply issued?

A bill of supply is usually issued when a business sells goods and services that are classified as exempt from GST. For example, a fruit vendor would not be issuing a regular Tax Invoice on sale but raise a Bill of Supply for his customers. 

Also, in cases where a business is registered under the Composition scheme one should issue only a Bill of Supply and not Tax Invoices to their customers as they can not charge GST on their sales transactions. 

Enabling Bill of Supply

Before creating a Bill of Supply, please make sure you have enabled the option under settings.

To enable Bill of Supply:


To create a new Bill of Supply, 



The transactions linked to the Bill of Supply appears in the GSTR summaries that contain details of your Outward Supplies(sales). Bill of Supply appears in the following reports in various cases such as:

To create your Bill of Supply using Zoho Invoice, click here.