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To view only a particular type of expense, you can make use of the filters that are available at the top left corner of the page. For example, if you would like to view those expenses that were converted to invoices, choose the Invoiced option from the filter. Now the expenses that were invoiced to the customers alone will be displayed.

Expense Filters


All the expenses irrespective of any status, would be listed if this filter is choses.


Expenses that are yet to be converted or added into an invoice will be listed under this filter.


Expenses which were converted to invoices, but yet to receive the payment would be listed here.


Expenses which were paid by the customers would be listed here.


Expenses that were converted and yet to be converted to invoices are listed here. 


Expenses which cannot be converted to invoices are listed here.

With Receipts:

Expenses with receipts attached to them. 

Without Receipts:

All expenses that doesn’t contain receipts are listed here.


Expenses can be sorted by:

Expense sorting

Custom Views

Custom Views are specific filters to list your expenses based on your criteria.

For example, out of all your expenses in Zoho Invoice, you might want to view those expenses that are greater than $1000.

With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter. All you have to do is set criteria and later use it to classify data.

To create a Custom View:

Your new custom field will now be listed under Created By Me, in the dropdown.

Expense custom view

Export expenses

If you would like to have all your expenses in a single file, you can make use of the export option. You can export the first 25,000 rows of your data at one go. 

Export expenses

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